Why You Should Change Your Home Air Filters in Oyster Creek, TX; More Energy Efficient HVAC & Other Benefits

Are you guilty of forgetting to change out your air filters? Neglecting to regularly check and change out the air filters in your home can result in a number of problems. Air filters play a vital role in keeping the air conditioner healthy. The air filters capture a lot of the dust and other airborne particles that is inside your home’s air. The filters help to protect the air conditioning system from indoor contaminants and even helps clean the interior air. There are a number of essential reasons why it is important to change out your home air filters. Absolute P&M Services will share why it is so important to change out your air conditioner’s air filters.

More Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating

When changing out the air filters as they get dirty, you are also helping to reduce your utility bills. When the heating system is running, it is using either power, gas, or other costly fueling sources. Air conditioner systems use up a ton of power and it is the top contributor to your monthly power bills. When the air filter is dirty and not changed out, it forces the air conditioner to work harder and longer, as a result, it increases your power bill. The intake filters are a major component that require changing. To help save money each month check your air filters and change them out as needed.

Clean Air Filters Improves HVAC System Health

It can be surprising to learn that a dirty air filter can lead to some of the worst damages and repairs for both the heating system and air conditioner. A dirty air filter can impact the air conditioner or heating system in a number of ways. One of the first major impact is that of air restriction. When the air flowing through the air filter and into the air conditioner is restricted, it forces the air conditioner to work longer and harder. With longer cycle periods come premature wear of the air conditioner and its various components. Evaporator coils will begin to ice up, the motor or the blower will break down. In addition, overheating will occur causing short cycles and much more. Repairing an air conditioner is expensive and replacing one even more so. To prevent premature wear which leads to costly repairs or even total replacement, make sure to keep the air filters clean.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit of changing out your air filter is to have cleaner air inside your home. When the air conditioner sucks up the warm air inside the home, it is also sucking up all of the dust and other particles from out of the air. These particles get trapped inside the air filter. The air conditioner and its filters help clean the very air you breathe inside your home. When the air filter is clogged and full of dirt, it can’t keep gathering the dust and particles inside your home. The dust and particles will continue build up inside the home causing sever indoor allergies or worse. For cleaner air inside your home, make sure to get the air filters cleaned and changed out.

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As the homeowner make sure to change out the air filters as needed. Air filters can last between one to three months. Check your air filters monthly and change them out if they are dirty. For quality HVAC and plumbing services, contact Absolute P&M Services today!

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