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Dealing with an Oversized Furnace in Brazoria, TX; How to Fix Uneven Heat, Inefficient Home Heating & More

What happens when a new furnace is installed that is too big for the space it is heating? When a new furnace is installed, sometimes the homeowner will get a bigger furnace in hopes for a better and more efficient heating system that will provide quicker warmth and lower their costs. However, this outcome isn’t…

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Furnace Troubleshooting in Highlands, TX; Ignition or Pilot Light Problems, Cracked Heat Exchanger & More

With winter chilling the air, many homeowners have turned their furnaces on. When running the furnace you can expect certain problems to occur that can cause the furnace to not work or run poorly. When problems occur some can be easily corrected while others may require the aid of a professional HVAC service. Absolute P&M…

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How Does a Gas or Electric Forced Air Furnace Work & Why DIY Repairs are a Bad Idea in Piney Point Village, TX?

Many homes and business throughout the country frequently use furnaces as part of the heating systems, as it is among the oldest methods used in residential heating systems. Though modern furnace models require gas, electricity, or propane, to run at a high efficiency level, in the earlier days, furnaces were fueled with coal and wood.…

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