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What is the Most Common Problem with an Air Conditioner in Greatwood, TX? Refrigerant Leaks & More

Air conditioning systems are essential for comfort during the hot months, but like any mechanical system, they’re prone to certain issues. Being able to recognize the common problems and their symptoms can help homeowners address issues quickly, potentially avoiding costly repairs. Absolute P&M Services would like to share some of the most common problems that…

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How Do I Know if My Old AC Unit Needs to Be Replaced with a New Air Conditioner in Fresno, TX?

Your air conditioner is a crucial component of your home, especially during the scorching summer months. However, like any appliance, it won’t last forever. Knowing when it’s time to replace your air conditioner can save you from unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and discomfort during the peak of summer heat. In this post, the experts at…

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Why is it Important to Keep Evaporator & Condenser Air Conditioner Coils Clean in Needville, TX?

In the complex system of your air conditioner unit, the evaporator and condenser coils play an important part in the overall cooling process. These coils are essential for the transfer of heat, allowing the cooling process that keeps our homes comfortable during the hot months. However, like any critical component, they require regular maintenance to…

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Do Air Conditioners Work Harder when it’s Humid in Rosenberg, TX? How Do You Fix Humidity Problems?

Humidity plays a significant role in the comfort and efficiency of your air conditioning (AC) system. Whether you live in a humid climate or experience occasional spikes in humidity levels, understanding how humidity affects your AC system is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and indoor comfort. In this article, we’ll delve into the ways in…

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AC Unit Cleaning & Maintenance; What Happens if Evaporator Coils are Dirty in Richmond, TX?

In the heart of every air conditioning system lies an essential component critical for cooling your home, the evaporator coil. This vital part of your air conditioner unit works endlessly, absorbing heat from indoor air and contributing greatly to your home’s comfort and air quality. However, like any hardworking component, it can accumulate dirt and…

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How Do You Know if Your Air Conditioner Compressor is Bad in Richwood, TX? AC Not Cooling & More

The compressor is often considered the heart of an air conditioning system, playing a big role in cooling your home by circulating refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. A failure in this key component can lead to a major decrease in cooling efficiency or a complete shutdown of the system. Recognizing the signs of…

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