Air Conditioner Inspection

Absolute P&M Services knows air conditioning applications for your home or business in the Greater Houston, Texas area. We are fully licensed and insured to give you the confidence in our expertise and recruit the elite specialists that are certified and more than qualified to deliver high quality services. Absolute P&M Services only uses advanced products and well maintained vehicles and tools to ensure efficient services. Understanding the importance of preventative measures, we include a variety of services designed to protect your cooling, heating and plumbing systems.

HVAC Inspection

Absolute P&M Services offers our comprehensive air conditioning inspection services to commercial and residential property owners across Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Incorporating in tune ups and other maintenance services as well as your own care, the air conditioning inspection is a valuable tool to monitor your unit and manage the performance and energy usage.

AC Inspection Maintenance Schedule

Ideally scheduled six months after the tune up service, the detailed inspection is designed to ensure your air conditioner is operating at its full potential and to intervene in early development stages of issues that can lead to breakdowns and insufficient function.

Air Conditioner Inspection Checklist

When you call Absolute P&M Services for an air conditioning inspection we check and verify components as necessary such as outdoor condensing unit, indoor coil, refrigerant lines for leaks, condensate drain pan, line & p-trap, wiring & control unit, blower assembly & speed, thermostat operation & programming, suction & discharge pressure, supply & return air static pressures, safety controls, electrical components, motor amps, control panel, correct voltage to equipment, filters and more!

Central Air Conditioning Services & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

Absolute P&M Services documents and consults with you following the inspection of your air conditioner and will either give the all clear or list recommendations on any repairs or replacement parts that should take place soon to avoid future issues. In any case, the A/C inspection conducted by Absolute P&M Services technicians maximizes your units performance, health, and longevity. Contact us for all your air conditioning, heating and plumbing needs.

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