Central Air Conditioner Repair in Iowa Colony, TX; Replace AC Run Capacitor, Fan Limit Switch, Circuit Board & More

There are lots of times you need to use a professional to make repairs to your home and other items in the house. To have a comfortable lifestyle you have to make sure the things you rely on are working properly. In order to have these things fixed properly and continue to work you need to use a professional. One of the things you need to make sure you keep up on in terms of maintenance and repairs is your HVAC unit. This unit includes the air conditioner that cools the house down and the heater that will warm the house when it is cold outdoors. There are some common things that have to repaired or replaced when homeowners call to have their unit looked at. These repairs are more common than you think and can get you back to a comfortable house. Absolute P&M Services outlines some of the common components that need repair.

Replace Fan Limit Switch

One of the issues that you might have with your air conditioning and heating unit is with the limit switch. One of the issues that you have is when it is malfunctioning and causes the unit to think that it is overheating. The job of the switch is there to protect the unit from further damage. If it senses that the unit is overheating and becoming too hot it will automatically shut it off and stop if from working. This is a fail safe that is needed to not only save the unit but to keep your family safe as well. If the unit overheats it can become a fire hazard and can cause injury and damage to your home. You want to make sure that you have your switch inspected and repaired to determine if the switch is bad or if the unit is overheating.

Replacement of AC Run Capacitor:

There are a few other issues that can come up when the unit is not working. One of the issues that is common is when the run capacitor is not working. This is a part that is attached to the fan blower and it is needed to ensure that the outdoor unit is not overheating. The air has to be moved and circulated and this is part of what will do that. The run capacitor has batteries that should last the life of the unit but can go out. This will require the run capacitor to stop working need to be replaced. This can be done by a professional HVAC company and can usually get your unit back and running.

Replace Air Conditioner Circuit Board

There are also times that the circuit board can become damaged and can be fried. This happens on occasion and can lead to the unit not being able to send the right signal to the unit telling it what it needs to do. The circuit board can be replaced and the unit can still be utilized.

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