When Should I Worry About Furnace Noise in Webster, TX? Heating Repair of Loud Banging & Other Sounds

Though the Texas has mild winters compared to some, we still all prefer the warm comforts of our homes during the winter. As we commonly get caught up in these comforts and ignore the haunting sounds of protest our furnace makes, however. When they start making an odd sound, it is easy to deny that something may be amiss with our heaters since fixing it can be a nuisance. Signs of furnace being in disrepair should never be ignored. Noises could be as benign as an easy-to-fix loose panel, or on the other hand it can lead to a hazardous carbon monoxide leak because it is a cracked heat exchange, if you hear a rattle, it can be something as benign as an easy-to-fix loose panel, or on the other hand it can lead to a hazardous carbon monoxide leak, however. In the event hear anything outside of the normal cycling of your furnace and air whooshing through your vents, you need to call in a professional. On these furnace noises that are cries for attention, we at Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical would like to further elaborate on them today.

Squeaky or Screeching Furnace

Loud screeching noises is likely the blower motor in your furnace not working as it should. Due to a malfunctioning or broken blower motor, the heat produced by your furnace won’t even be able to circulate warm air around your living space successfully. You need to lubricate the blower motor to repair it. A faulty fan can also be producing the noise. So, in order to get a proper diagnosis, it is essential that a professional HVAC technician visits your home. The problem can be properly rectified after the problem is properly diagnosed.

Furnace Makes Booming or Banging Noise when it Turns On

The general cause for the banging and booming you hear from the furnace is a dirty burner. It can be dangerous, though it may sound nonthreatening. The noise you’re hearing is caused by a delay in ignition due to dirt and build-up. The system builds with gas and a small explosion occurs inside the furnace when it ignites as a result. If in the process rattles the furnace that lead to these subsequent problems, a cracked heat exchangers and carbon monoxide leaks. It is highly recommended that you do not clean the burner yourself because there is too much room for error that can lead to costly consequences. Especially when you are dealing with natural gas, it is in your better interest to call in a pro.

Why is My Heating Unit Rattling?

Though you should never assume, rattling could be something as simple as a loose panel that needs to be tightened as we mentioned. A broken heat exchanger can be the cause of the rattle, for example. Also, concerns can include issue with your blower or a lack of airflow from a dirty and clogged up air filter. No matter the concern, both for heater performance and for your safety, requires professional attention right.

Furnace Making Knocking or Clanking Noise

When you hear the clanking sound that resembles metal-on-metal, you probably are hearing metal-on-metal. Typically, the cause of this sound is a serious problem with the furnace’s blower wheel. You need to turn off your furnace and contact a pro right away if this is the case to prevent further damage to the wheel. It becomes to repair, the longer the damage carries on the pricier.

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