Is a Kettling Boiler Dangerous? Can I Inspect, Flush & Clean a Whistling Boiler to Fix this Problem in Aldine, TX?

For those that have boiler systems to heat up your home, you may begin to hear an odd rattling coming from inside the tank. What you are hearing are either mineral deposits or lime scale that has built up inside the boiler. This is commonly referred to as kettling. Kettling may not seem like a major problem, but the mineral or lime scale sediments can lead to restrictions and blockages which can put enough pressure on the boiler to lead to major damages. Absolute P&M Services will share what kettling is, why it occurs in a boiler, and how to correct this problem.

What is Boiler Kettling?

Kettling is a common problem and will naturally occur inside a boiler. Kettling is most common in areas that have hard water. Hard water is when the tap water contains high amounts of magnesium and calcium which leads to the formation of mineral deposits. Often mineral deposits will first form in the boiler heat exchanger. This can lead to blockage and trapping of the water within the component. Once the flow of water is restricted, steam is formed which adds pressure to the heat exchanger. If enough pressure builds up, the boiler will begin to make a roaring noise or kettling.

Is a Boiler Kettling Dangerous?

A boiler is designed to heat water. Once the temperature of the water is hot enough, the water or steam is then circulated throughout the home. When kettling occurs it can cause a number of different problems. One of the primary problems kettling causes is stress and strain on the boiler. Often when there is enough mineral or lime scale deposits, they can clog the water flow and of course, damage the heat exchanger. Other components are also put under more stress. Pipes can develop leaks due to the increasing pressure. Additionally, the stress will slow down the heating production which means the boiler will need to work longer to heat the home. These longer and additional heating cycles will begin to raise you heating bill higher and higher until the problem is dealt with.

Can a Kettling Boiler Be Repaired?

When you hear the roaring sounds coming from your boiler, or you can hear what may sound like tiny rocks bouncing inside the boiler, this is a sure sign of kettling. To be sure of your boiler’s problem, contact an HVAC service to come and inspect the boiler. If the boiler is kettling, the next step is to flush the boiler. Often the water inside the boiler is flushed out, and then the heat exchanger is removed and scrubbed clean. The boiler is then reassembled and filled back with water. The boiler pressure gauge is monitored and set to the proper settings. When symptoms of kettling first occur it is important to have the boiler inspected and cleaned out. Neglecting your kettling problem can lead to major component replacement, and a potential electrical hazard.

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If you have a boiler make sue to schedule a tune-up to ensure your boiler doesn’t run into any kettling problems this winter season. For boiler and other heating system services, contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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