What Happens when Your AC Blower Motor is Bad in San Leon, TX? Weak Air Flow, Loud Rumbling Noise & More

The air conditioner’s blower is the component that blows or circulates the cool air throughout the entire home. The blower starts up and then blows the cool air throughout the entire air duct system, delivering the needed cool air. As you can imagine, the blower and or its motor works very hard all summer long. Single or compact units use the same blower for circulating the cool and heated air, so it is running all year long. It comes as no surprise when the blower and its motor develops a problem or begins to fail. Today, Absolute P&M Services will share some of the classic signs of a failing blower motor.

Weak, Low or No Air Flow

When there is weak air flow or no air coming through your air vents, this points to a problem with the blower. The blower and its motor may have developed a number of problems. To simplify why the blower isn’t providing any air, it may be due to two types of problems. Either there isn’t any power going to the motor or the motor has developed a mechanical failure. If the motor isn’t receiving any power, it will not run. Why the blower isn’t getting any power may be due to a breaker that has tripped, a dead capacitor, or damaged wiring. Most power supply problems can be easily repaired. If the blower motor is developing a mechanical problem, the air flow may first feel weak, if the motor dies altogether you will lose all air flow. When the motor develops a mechanical problem the motor will need to be replaced.

AC Making a Loud Rumbling Noise

If your air conditioner has been running and it is time for the blower to switch on, you might hear a strange noise. If so, this is another common sign the motor is failing. Strange noises will develop when the motor to the blower is wearing out. A bang or clanking noise may even be a sign something is wrong with the blower. When strange noises develop in the blower system, you will want to avoid running your air conditioner until an HVAC technician has had time to inspect the blower and determine the source and cause of the noise. In some cases the blower needs some basic repairs and or maintenance. However, you may need to invest in a new blower and or motor.

Signs of AC Blower Motor Overheating

When the blower’s motor overheats, often the motor will burn out and die. If you are able to turn off your air conditioner before the motor overheats and dies, there may be some repair options. After a blower motor overheats it will need to be replaced. When a blower motor overheats it will develop a burning odor or even make a loud screeching noise. When you notice a burning smell or loud noise coming from your blower. turn if off a seek out professional repairs.

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A blower is one of the many essential components of the air conditioner system. When it wears out it will leave your home without any cool air. If you discover you need fast and reliable HVAC repair services, contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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