What Happens if My AC Coils are Dirty in Wimberley, TX? Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling & More

An air conditioning system uses many different components that all come together to create the needed cool air for your home. When there is a component that is not working properly it can impede your HVAC system. Many different problems can occur, one of them being a dirty coil. It can be surprising to see how a simple issue like dirty coils can affect your cooling system. Absolute P&M Services will share the signs of a dirty coil and how it affects your cooling system.

Condenser & Evaporator AC Coils

There are two types of coils in an air conditioning system; one is the condenser coil and the other is the evaporator coil. When either one of the coils become dirty it can impact the air conditioning system in different ways. Here are the signs and affects to watch for when the coils become dirty.

Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling

When the coils become dirty one sign you will notice is the lack of cool air. Your home will be warmer than normal which means your air conditioner isn’t preforming properly. Poor cooling performance occurs most often when the evaporator coils are dirty. When the air conditioner fails to maintain the indoor temperature and the home is warm, you will want to check the evaporator coils.

Long Cooling Cycles

Another symptom of dirty coils is that the air conditioner will run longer and more often. This is because the air conditioner isn’t performing properly and is not cooling down the inside the of the home. The thermostat then triggers another cooling cycle. Not only will you notice the air conditioner running more often and longer, but your power bill be higher as a result. Longer cooling cycles combined with a high power bill points to dirty coils.

Ice on the Air Conditioner

When the air conditioner has ice developing on the outside, this is a major sign of dirty coils or a refrigerant leak. When the ice is around the evaporating coils, on the condenser coils or copper piping this is mostly due to dirty coils. Ice can develop when both of the coils are dirty, but in most cases it is due to dirty evaporator coils. When you see ice, check the coils and see if they need to be cleaned. If they appear fine, then you have a refrigerant leak.

How Do I Keep My AC Coils Clean?

When the coils get dirty it can impact the cooling performance, increase your power bill, and ice up your air conditioner. However, if the coils are left dirty for longer periods of time. The stress from the longer and more frequent cooling cycles can lead to premature wear and tear on the air conditioning system. As a result you will be adding the cost of repair and component replacements. It is best to prevent the coils from becoming dirty. To prevent dirty coils, you will want to have the air conditioner tuned-up once a year. During a Tune-up the coil will be cleaned along with other essential maintenance services. If the coils become dirty, contact a professional HVAC service to have the coils cleaned. Many people will attempt to clean their own coils. However, if this is not done correctly you can damage the coils. To ensure the coils are cleaned safely and properly make sure they are cleaned by a professional.

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