What Causes AC fan to Stop Working in Dripping Springs, TX? Bad Capacitor, Burnt Out Motor & More

The air conditioning system works with a number of different components to cool down a home. One major component is the fan. The fan helps to circulate the cool air through the air ducts and into the home. When the fan develops a problem, the cold air will not enter the home. Absolute P&M Services will share some of the common problems the air conditioning fan can develop and what needs to be done to correct these problems.

Bad AC Capacitor

A capacitor stores or supplies the power for the air conditioner’s fan. When the capacitor begins to wear out or go bad, the fan power supply is cut off. This means the fan will not run. Luckily when the capacitor goes out, you do not need to replace the fan’s motor. Replacing a capacitor is a much easier and cheaper problem to repair. When the fan isn’t running at all this is a clear sign that the capacitor is the culprit.

AC Contactor Failure

The contactor is an electrical switch that turns on and off the compressor and the fan motor. When the contactor dies or begins to wear out it may not trigger the compressor and fan. Even though both components work fine, a bad contactor will prevent the fan motor from starting. When the fan or the compressor fails to start up, this is a sign of a faulty contactor. The contactor will need to be replaced by an HAVC technician.

Burnt Out AC Motor

The fan motor is the component that moves the fan itself. The fan motor is one of the hardest working components as it runs both during the cooling season and heating season. The fan works hard most of the year and undergoes a lot of stress. As a result the fan motor is a common component that is replaced in the life of every HVAC system. When the fan motor begins to wear out it often makes loud squealing noises and eventually quits running. When this occurs you will need to replace the motor. Replacing a motor is complex and should be done by an HVAC technician.

AC Fan Belt Breaks

For a belt powered fan, the belt is another component that will eventually wear out during the life of an air conditioning system. The belt can break or become loose over time. Sometimes the air from the vents will feel weak when a belt becomes loose. If you feel no air but the air conditioner is running, then the belt is broken. When the belt breaks or becomes loose, you should have the belt replaced.

Tripping AC Breaker

When the breaker to the air conditioner trips during a cooling cycle this is a sign the air conditioner is overheating. Often the overheating can come from the compressor or the fan’s motor. When the fan’s motor frequently overheats and the breaker keeps tripping as a result, there is a problem with the fan motor. The fan motor may be very dirty and need to be cleaned. There may be a problem with the power supply or there is additional stress due to a dirty air filter. First check the air filters, then consider seeking HVAC services to come and clean out the fan motor.

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With proper maintenance most of these problems can be prevented. However, if your air conditioner’s fan develops a problem and you need help, contact Absolute P&M Services for emergency AC repair today.

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