Troubleshooting Boiler Not Working in Morgan’s Point, TX; Repair for Kettling, Leak & More

There are several options that exist for heating your home. Heating a home is something that is necessary during the cold winter months. Most people will use the heating system that their home was built with. It is important to know what type of heating system you have and what common problems are going to come up. One of the options that exist is a boiler. Many homes have a boiler as the main way to create heat in their home. The most amazing thing about a boiler is that they are long lasting and durable. They don’t usually need lots of repairs and work as long as they are maintained properly. Although they don’t commonly have many problems you should still know what could go wrong. Absolute P&M Services outlines what might go wrong with your boiler and when you need repair.

Loud Boiler Kettling Repair

One of the most common reasons that a technician is called out for boiler repair is when a homeowner is experiencing kettling. If you don’t have a boiler you may not have ever heard the term. The term refers to the sound that is made when your boiler is working. The sound can be banging when the unit turns on or off. It can also be the sound of rumbling when the unit is being used and is running. If you start to hear sounds that are uncommon to your unit it is best to call out a professional. They can come out and repair the boiler so that the noises are stopped. The kettling is a sign that there is a bigger problem on the horizon. The most common reason that kettling occurs is when there is buildup in the unit.

Boiler Leak Repair

There are some problems that might require urgent care from a technician. The most common emergency call that you will get is when the boiler will start to leak. The leak can come from several areas but if it is from the tank it can cause major damage. The leak can come from the main tank and would require it to be replaced but there are other areas as well. The pump can have a leak, the valve or even any of the connections can end up having a leak. If there is a leak coming from your boiler you need to call for repair right away. If you allow the water to leak it can lead to damage to your home as well as to the boiler.

Boiler Pilot Light Wont Stay Lit

The boiler usually work with a pilot light that is burning up the gas that can then create a flame and the heat. The newer boilers have a pilot light that ignites when it is needed rather than running all day and all night. The igniter can become damaged and then the pilot will not ever come on and that means no heat. You want to make sure that you call out a professional to repair any problems with your pilot light.

Boiler Repair In Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

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