Troubleshooting Why Furnace Burners Will Not Ignite in Sheldon, TX; Faulty Ignition Sensor & More

When a furnace fails to ignite it can be due to a number of problems with the furnace or other aspects of the home’s heating system. When a furnace fails to ignite, the home remains cold and uncomfortable. Absolute P&M Services will share how to troubleshoot the heating system and determine the reason why the furnace won’t ignite.

Thermostat Codes Error

Before you begin blaming the furnace, consider that it is sometimes the thermostat that may be on the wrong setting or there could be a malfunction. When the furnace won’t turn on, move the thermostat to the “on” setting. A “smart thermostat” will often have an error code that will be displayed on the screen. The thermostat manual will have the error code definition. Often the error code can lead you to source of the malfunction, which could be due to the thermostat or furnace.

Damaged Gas Line to Furnace

When a furnace fails to ignite, sometimes there is a problem with the gas line. During the summer, many homeowners will shut off the gas to the furnace to reduce potential gas leaks. At times, the homeowner may forget the gas line was shut off. Other times, the gas line could have developed a leak or gotten damaged, which is now preventing sufficient fuel to ignite the furnace. When the furnace won’t ignite, check the gas line to see if it is on and also inspect for leaks or damages in the gas line.

Dirty & Clogged Air Filter

Often when a furnace fails to switch on it could be due to a dirty air filter. When a filter becomes too dirty, it can restrict the air flow which causes the furnace to overload and shut off. Many people assume the furnace won’t ignite when the actual problem is that the is furnace is overloading and can’t start up. When the furnace seem to kick on but then shuts down quickly, check the air filters. Chances are that they are overdue for a change.

Faulty Furnace Ignition Sensor

The ignition sensor, or better known as the pilot light, could have an issue. There can be a number of issues with an ignition sensor. One common issue is that the ignition sensor is dirty. When the ignition sensor is dirty, often the furnace will click on but never fires up or creates any heat. To check a dirty ignition sensor, you will first want to turn off the gas supply to the furnace. Remove the front panel of the furnace as the ignition sensor or pilot light is typically in front of the burners. The sensor, if dirty, will look dirty or black. You can remove the sensor with a screwdriver and clean the sensor carefully. After the sensor is clean, put it back in place. Turn the heater up extra high and start up the furnace to test to see if it will kick on. If the furnace fails to come on, you may require professional assistance.

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