Furnace Troubleshooting in Highlands, TX; Ignition or Pilot Light Problems, Cracked Heat Exchanger & More

With winter chilling the air, many homeowners have turned their furnaces on. When running the furnace you can expect certain problems to occur that can cause the furnace to not work or run poorly. When problems occur some can be easily corrected while others may require the aid of a professional HVAC service. Absolute P&M Services will share some of the common furnace problems and their fixes.

Clogged / Dirty Home Air Filter

All too often air filters are neglected. This can cause poor efficiency, premature wear of the furnace and poor air flow. Air filters that are clogged or dirty will cause many problems in a furnace. To prevent these types of furnace problems make sure to change out the air filters every few months or sooner if needed. Some signs that the air filters are clogged is a whistling sound coming from the vents. Another sign is an increased power bill, short cycling and poor air flow.

Furnace Ignition or Pilot Light

A furnace is activated with a pilot light or an electronic ignition. When there is a problem or failure with the pilot light or ignition the furnace will not turn on or fail to produce heat. When a pilot light fails, often there is no flame coming from the pilot light. In some cases, the pilot light needs to be relit. However, pilot lights or the ignition can need cleaning or replacing which may occur every few years. If the pilot light won’t relight, then have the pilot light or ignition inspected.

Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger

A furnace’s heat exchanger undergoes a lot of stress and as the furnace ages, the heat exchanger can crack. When a heat exchanger cracks it can cause poor heating in the home. You may even feel cool air blowing through the vents. A cracked heat exchanger is also dangerous as it leaks harmful gases into the home that can trigger sudden illnesses and even death. The gases can even produce a sulfur or rotten egg like odor in the home. If any of these symptoms occur in the home turn off the furnace and open up all windows in the home immediately. Next contact a HVAC repair service and have the furnace and the heat exchanger inspected. Depending on the crack, some heat exchanger can be repaired, other times the heat exchanger may require a replacement.

Poor Air Flow Problems

If the air flow coming out of the vent is low, the first step is to check the air filters. However, poor air flow can indicate other problems with the furnace as well. A furnace and air conditioning system uses the same blower to push the treated air throughout the home. If the air filters are not dirty or have been changed out and there is still poor air flow, often it is the blower. The blower or its motor can wear down due to the constant uses. After changing out the air filter and making sure all of the air registers are fully open and not blocked, then seek professional HVAC services. The blower or the blower’s motor may require repair or replacement.

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