How Do You Know when to Replace a Hot Water Heater in Taylor Lake Village, TX; Leaking, Age & More

Many people don’t give much thought to the hot water they use on a daily basis, that is, until they no longer have any. When something goes wrong with your hot water heater, it can be a disaster. You need to have it fixed as soon as possible so that you can have the hot water you need to complete the simplest of daily tasks. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about signs that indicate you need to replace your hot water heater so that you can fix it before you are left without any hot water to speak of.

Age of Water Heater

How old is your water heater? Do you even know? You can expect the average hot water heater to last about 15 years. If your water heater is close to that and you are having some complications with it, you should consider replacing rather than repairing because the water heater is likely on its way out anyway. You should be able to find out how old your water heater is by looking at the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker and typing that number in on their website.

Not Enough or No Hot Water

You may not find yourself without hot water all together, but just notice that you don’t have as much hot water as you used to. When you aren’t getting the hot water volume you have in the past, or aren’t getting hot water at all, this is a sign that you need to replace your water heater.

Rusty Hot Water

As our water heater ages, it may start to get a little rusty on the inside of the unit. You can take preventative measures against rusting water by adding magnesium, aluminum or zinc anode rod to the water. You can drain your water heater to see if you find any rust in the water. If rust is present, it’s probably time for a new water heater.

Water Heater Making Loud Knocking Noise

While it is normal for your water heater to make some noise as it operates, you shouldn’t hear loud rumbling noises. As your water heater gets older it isn’t uncommon for sediments to start building up inside the tanks. They usually harden and can cause cracks in the tank and cause a loud rumbling noise every time the unit kicks on.

Water Heater Leaking

This is the sure sign that you need to replace your water heater. If you notice that there is any leaking at all around your water heater, it is time to replace it for a new one. As the metal pipes heat up, they expand and contract. Over time, this can cause cracking and problems. If you notice any water leaking at all from the unit, call for replacement.

Water Heater Repair, Replacement & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

Any of the signs listed above are indicative of a problem with your water heater. If you notice any of these in your home, call on the professionals at Absolute P&M Services to solve the problem today!

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