Maintenance to Keep Drains Clear & How to Prevent Hair from Clogging Drain in Aldine, TX

When you experience a clogged drain, it is likely happening when you are in a hurry. They can be expensive and time consuming to get rid of; not to mention, they will put a real kink in your day. There are several measures you can take to help you avoid a clogged drain in your home. Some measures are more involved than others, but when you think of the alternative, they may be worth your time and effort. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about some tips that can help you avoid costly clogged drains in the future.

Benefits of Mesh Drainage Screens for Your Showers Drains

One of the number one things that causes bathroom drains to clog is hair. If you can find a way to keep hair from going down your drain, you will find that you can avoid a great deal of drain clogging. One of the best ways to keep hair from going down the drain is mesh screening. This can actually be installed under your drain cover so that it is a permanent staple in your shower drains. That way, you can simply lift off the drain cover and clean out the mesh screen. If you have a sink that doesn’t have a garbage disposal, you may want to put mesh screens in those drains as well to keep large pieces of food from making their way into your drain. You can also minimize the amount of hair that makes it into your drain by running a brush through it before you get into the shower or bathtub.

Bathe Dogs Outside

There are several months out of the year that you can give your pet a bath outside. When the weather is permitting, you should take advantage of this so you don’t end up rinsing their hair into your drain. If the weather isn’t allowing you to bathe them outside, you may want to consider using a wash bin so that you can simply dump it outside rather than down your drain.

What Can You Put in Your Garbage Disposal?

It is easy to simply dump any leftover food you have from your meal down your garbage disposal. What many people don’t realize, is that their garbage disposal is never meant to replace their trash bin. You shouldn’t be putting greasy, solid or hard to grind down food in your garbage disposal. When you do that, you run the risk of causing serious clogging in your sink. To help with this problem, you may want to consider starting a compost bin that will help you get rid of scraps that you would have put down the drain and actually turn it into something good for the environment.

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If you have clogged drains, don’t make the mistake of putting chemical drain cleaners down them. Call on the professionals at Absolute P&M Services to help keep your drains free and clear. Call us today!

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