How Often Should a Furnace Be Tuned Up in West University Place, TX? Uncomfortable Indoors & More

As the weather starts to make its turn into fall, we are all going to be thinking about our furnace. Maybe it has already gotten to the point that you have made the switch and have your heat up and running for the winter. If that’s the case, you may be seeing some signs that are pointing to the need for a tune up. It’s important that you are keeping an eye out for these signs so that you can give your furnace the attention it needs to help it last as long as possible. Absolute P&M Services is here to point out some possible signs that your furnace needs a tune up appointment.

Uncomfortable Indoors

The whole purpose for your furnace in the winter months is to keep your comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside. If you have noticed that it just isn’t reaching that same level of comfort that you have enjoyed in the past, there may be a need for a tune up to get it working well again. You should feel warmth throughout your whole home and not just certain rooms in the house.

Furnace Making Weird Noises

If your furnace is like most, it makes a certain amount of noise when it is on and operating. However, if you have noticed that there are strange noises coming from your furnace, it can be a sign that there isn’t something not quite right. A maintenance appointment can usually uncover what is making the strange noise.

Furnace Short Cycles

For those that don’t know what short cycling is, this is when your furnace is repeatedly turning on and then off again without heating your home with a full cycle. This can lead to inefficiency and high energy bills as a result.

What is Making My Energy Bill So High?

No one wants to pay more for heat than they have to. When there is something wrong with your furnace, or it hasn’t been tuned up for a long time, it can result in larger than normal energy bills. If you see a sudden spike in your bill each month, your furnace could be the culprit.

What Does Yellow Pilot Light Mean?

The pilot light on your furnace should always be blue when you check it. If the color is yellow or orange, this is a sign that your furnace isn’t burning fuel efficiently. It can also indicate a carbon monoxide leak that needs to be addressed.

Furnace Maintenance, Repairs, Replacement & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston, Austin & Greater Houston, Texas

Any of the signs listed above should tip you off on the overall condition of your furnace. If you notice that there are signs that something is off, you can count on the pros at Absolute P&M Services to come take care of your furnace so it’s ready to keep you warm this winter. We will give it a thorough inspection and let you know if there are any small repairs that need to be made to maximize its efficiency. Call us today!

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