What Does an Annual Gas Furnace Inspection & Tune Up Maintenance Consist Of in Jersey Village, TX?

In order to preserve the life, condition, and efficiency of your furnace, it requires tender love, and care. Even when you do all you can to keep it clean, free of clutter, as well as routinely change the filters, your furnace needs a professional’s touch as well. Early fall is the optimal time to get a professional furnace inspection, and just before the temperatures dip low enough to need to the furnace daily, a professional tune-up service is best. Today, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to discuss furnace inspections and tune-ups.

Benefits of Gas Furnace Inspection & Tune Up Services

Below you will find a handful of examples of the benefits of professional inspection and tune-up services.
1) Efficient Airflow: For the furnace to operate at its full potential, the airflow needs to be adequate. During the inspection and tune-up service, any issues concerning the airflow are appropriately resolved.
2) Improve Energy Efficiency: If there is improper airflow, faulty parts, or any other shortcomings, the furnace has to compensate for the loss, resulting in additional power. By getting the inspection and tune-up service, you are able to conserve the energy, and reduce cost.
3) Validate Manufacturer’s Warranty: Typically, the manufacturer’s warranty is only valid with professional service execution. To keep your warranty intact, professional services are required and you are still benefiting in other aspects.
4) Reduce Furnace Repairs: As previously mentioned; investing in routinely scheduled tune-ups and inspections will keep your furnace in optimal condition. Catching problems early can prevent repairs as well minimize the cost of wear and tear repairs.
5) Safety: As furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, the combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency as well as safety. Toxic carbon monoxide evolve s even with the tiniest of issues can blossom into gas leaking unto your home or business. Many of the safety aspects are discovered before the negative impacts can arise.
6) Time and Money Saved: The cost of maintenance services is far less than the cost of major repairs; saving you funds, by being proactive with your furnace and getting the inspection service and tune-up service will also give you the control of scheduling as opposed to having your furnace breakdown and waiting for first available mutual time for repairs.

Furnace & Tune Up Checklist

Inspections and tune-up services basically cover the following:
– Blower wheel: The overall condition is inspected.
– Burner compartment: The burner compartment along with other components, are wiped down.
– Burner flame: The burner flame’s gas and air is adjusted, and the burner is cleaned.
– Carbon monoxide: To ensure safety levels of CO is checked.
– Combustion chamber/heat exchanger: These components are thoroughly checked and treated accordingly.
– Controls: The safety controls, thermostat, and operational control sequence is all inspected for signs of wear.
– Flame sensor/pilot safety timer: Overall condition is checked; adjustments are made as applicable.
– Furnace filters: Cleaned and/or replaced after evaluation.
– Motors: Any worn belts are replaced, loose hardware is tightened, overall performance is assed, and lubrication where necessary.
– Pilot/igniter: Cleaning and performance check is performed.
– Vent pipe: The draft intensity and overall condition of the pipes are executed.
– And more.

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