Kitchen Garbage Waste Disposal Maintenance in South Houston, TX; Flush, Clean & More

Garbage disposals are a convenient appliance that makes kitchen activities a lot easier to contend with. Preserving our drains and plumbing is the main goal of the garbage disposal and if they fall short of their standard performance, the drains can easily clog as we are so accustomed to use the disposal accordingly. In order to avoid odors from developing and ensuring the garbage disposal is operating to its full potential, there is some home care maintenance involved that we at Absolute P&M Services would like to share today.

1) Understand the Limitations of Garbage Waste Disposals

The garbage disposal has limitations that everyone should be aware of and things that should never be processed in the garbage disposal. Some materials cannot be grinded up and will actually cause damage to the disposal. Prime examples of a material that is impossibly chopped up in the garbage disposal is anything metal or plastic. These objects will only become lodged in the moving parts, causing the motor to overheat and rendering the garbage disposal irreparable. If you are unsure about what things cannot be fed in the garbage disposal, be sure to consult your manual.

2) Is it OK to Pour Boiling Water Down a Garbage Disposal?

It is essential that while the garbage disposal is running the water and only cold water is used. The water lubricates the blades for smoother function, flushes down the chopped particles of food, and keeps the motor from overheating.

3) Avoid Pouring Grease Down Garbage Disposal Drain

Grease gets bound up in the drain and it can cause damage to the garbage disposal. Where it may seem simple to dispose of the grease from cooking than any other method, the continual habit continues to build on the layers of residual grease deposits. Eventually, the drains need to be cleaned, and if not, they pipe will spring lease and potentially burst, leading to excessive damage. To prevent the damage on the plumbing pipework and the garbage disposal, it is vital you do not pour any grease down the sink.

4) Clean Garbage Disposal Rubber Flange, Trap & Other Parts

To help the kitchen duties run more efficiently, maintaining the garbage disposal is important on a regular basis. Potential mildew, food particles, and residues are festering in between the nooks and crannies and between the blades. Keeping the blades sharp and the disposal clean will keep it functioning effectively and help prevent pungent odors from developing. Below are some cleaning steps that will keep the garbage disposal and your drain cleaner.
– Pour concentrated vinegar in an ice tray or two and let them freeze into cubes.
– Once frozen, drop the vinegar cubes in the drain and flush them down the sink with garbage disposal on and cool water flowing.
– For persistent odors, grind up citrus fruit peelings in the garbage disposal.
The vinegar ice cubes will help sharpen the blades as the garbage disposal grinds them up and the vinegar itself should neutralize the odors and/or prevent them from developing. Once a month, be sure to pour boiling hot water down the drain (while garbage disposal is off) to flush away any building residues and follow up by turning the cold water on and running the disposal for a few moments.

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