When to Repair or Replace Your Central Air Conditioner in Galena Park, TX; Refrigerant Type & More

Texas is hot and very humid during the summer season. As a result residents rely on their air conditioning system to help keep them cool and their home’s less humid. However, as a homeowner runs into air conditioner failure they are often left with a decision to simply repair the problem again or consider a full air conditioner replacement to a more energy efficient model. There are many aspects to consider. In most cases it is cheaper to repair the problem however, repairs are often a signal of more problems to come and a deeper investment. Absolute P&M Services would like to shed some light on the subject to help you decide to repair or replace your air conditioner.

Age of the Central Air Conditioning Unit

When it comes to determining whether to replace or repair your air conditioner system, in most cases the number one determining factor is the age of the unit. As it ages, an air conditioner unit has multiple components that will begin to wear down. As most components can be replaced the cost begins to stack up. The homeowner will need to begin to weigh out the cost of future repairs versus simply replacing the unit now. However, a thorough inspection can help shed some light on the condition of the unit and its various components. If more components are showing signs of wear the HVAC technician can provide that list.

HVAC Refrigerant Types; R22 to R410a Conversion Cost

If you have an air conditioner unit that over 15 years old, there are more complications to repairing these older units. First it may be difficult to find new components the fit the older units. Other complication with older units is the refrigerant liquid these use. Older unit uses a R-22 refrigerant which is phasing out, and will actually be illegal to use come 2020. Research on R-22 effects proves to be hazardous to the environment. Modern units are now using a R-410a refrigerant which is more friendly to our environment.

HVAC Efficiency Rating

When weighing out the decision to replace or repair the unit you may find replacement to be the better option. As an air conditioner begin to develop problems their efficiency begin to drop down. Older unit if you have one are considerably trouble on efficiency comparing them to modern unit. During the summer or the cooling season a poor efficient unit can cost the homeowners anywhere between $3000 to $7500 per year. Modern unit efficiency can help reduce cost by 20% to 40% which can help save the homeowner on their power bill.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule History

When deciding to replace or repair an other major consideration is the maintenance history of the unit. There are many homeowners who are dedicated to their HVAC system. They will schedule routine maintenance and inspections to ensure the health of their unit. When a unit been properly cared for sometimes repairing is the better option as they rest of the unit is in rather good condition. However, poor maintenance and neglect often develops many problems which can cost the homeowner near the cost of a replacement.

Central Air Conditioning Inspection, Installation, Replacement, Repair & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

When determining to repair or replace you can also have a professional HVAC technician come and do a thorough inspection before making your decision. If you require help maintaining, repairing, or replacing your home’s HVAC system contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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