How to Identify a Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger & Flame Rollout in Southside Plaza, TX

A cracked heat exchanger doesn’t just effect the home heating it can also be dangerous. When the furnace’s heat exchanger is cracked it can allow carbon monoxide gas to leak into the home. At time is can be difficult to identify a cracked heat exchanger or know how to respond. Absolute P&M Services will share what a heat exchanger is, how to identify a cracked heat exchanger, and how to respond to ensure the household’s safety.

Heat Exchanger Design

A heat exchanger is a component of the heating inside a furnace that transfers the heat from several different fluids while preventing the fluids from contact with one another. The heat exchangers essentially makes the heat that is circulated throughout the house. The heat exchangers often looks like looped or crunched piping or coils, which is where where the liquid flows. Within the heat exchanger there are a series of combustion which heats the air that is later sent through the air ducts.

What Causes a Cracked Heat Exchanger?

Heat exchangers are robust and don’t crack or get damaged easily. Heat exchanger usually takes a great deal of time and use before they begin to wear down. Over time the intense heat can finally cause the heat exchangers to burst or crack open. One of the lead causes of a cracked or damaged heat exchanger is often due to neglect. Dirty air filter and other maintenance neglect put additional strain on the furnace. One of the best ways to prevent the heat exchanger from cracking is by regularly change air filter and having the heating system service yearly.

Effects of a Cracked Heat Exchanger

When there is a crack in the heat exchanger is can be very bad. When the heat exchanger is crack it first reduce the furnace’s ability to create the heat. Often the furnace will run for prolong period of time is the home inside fail to warm up properly. Long heating cycles is often a clue that there is a problem with the heat exchanger. Another major concern if the heat exchanger is crack, it could be leaking out gas such as carbon monoxide which is toxic and potentially a fire hazard.

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If you suspect your furnace heat exchanger could be cracked it is first recommended to turn off the furnace to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into the home. Next seek out a professional HVAC technician to inspect the heat exchanger. If there is a crack in many cases the technician can repair the crack. However, depending on the crack’s size and position along with the age of the furnace it may be better to replace the furnace or at least the heat exchangers. Replacing a heat exchanger is very costly and if the furnace is older it is often a wiser investment to replace the entire furnace. If your home’s heating system appears to be having problems this winter contact Absolute P&M Services. We provide service for furnaces, boilers, air conditioning and plumbing systems, contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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