How Does a Gas or Electric Forced Air Furnace Work & Why DIY Repairs are a Bad Idea in Piney Point Village, TX?

Many homes and business throughout the country frequently use furnaces as part of the heating systems, as it is among the oldest methods used in residential heating systems. Though modern furnace models require gas, electricity, or propane, to run at a high efficiency level, in the earlier days, furnaces were fueled with coal and wood. Equipped in older homes especially, furnaces are used for heating purposes. With advanced technology, modern furnaces can be fairly energy efficient, for example, furnaces that have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of 98%, indicates the furnace will transform 98% of the fuel they consume into heat. Today, we at Absolute AC and Plumbing would like to elaborate on the basic function of how the furnace provides heat for your Houston, TX home for the curious minds want to know how the furnace operated.

Is Forced Air Heating Good?

No matter which fuel a furnace uses, it functions on the principle of forced air heating. Once the furnace transfers heat to air, the blower fans funnel it through the ductwork of a house and out vents. Since furnaces commonly share the duct system with an air conditioner, homeowners do not need to take up additional space for their cooling system. A natural gas furnace is off by a series of burners inside a combustion chamber where the pilot light ignites. The burners create the heat where it then enters the heat exchanger after the heat transfers to the air and raises it to the temperature set by the thermostat. From here, the blowers take the air and send it through the ducts. Operating the same, propane furnaces in a similar fashion.

Electric Furnace Efficiency

Electrical furnaces begin the heating process with an electrical ignition. Alternatively, gas-powered burners are replaced with heating elements that contain conductive coils as the ignition activates. As the current passes through the coils, it begins heating the air for the blowers to handle. The more heat the thermostat calls for the more heating elements turn on.

DIY VS Professional Furnace Repair

Though it sounds deceptively simple, the heat exchange and distribution run smoothly and without safety concerns for the furnaces many components. It is not recommended to try to diagnose or fix a malfunctioning thermostat or other problem yourself unless you have extensive HVAC training and the specific tools. To handle whatever your furnace is experiencing, you should rely on experts, no matter how your furnace is powered. Carbon monoxide poisoning is an issue with gas furnaces, and electric furnaces can result in high voltage shocks.

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