Best Central Air Conditioner Brands in Greatwood, TX; High SEER Carrier, Lennox, RUUD, Amana & Trane Systems

Even when you take the upmost care of your air conditioner, it will eventually start to wear out and need to be replaced. If you are facing an air conditioning replacement, you want to know that the investment you are making is a good one. This means doing your homework and looking into the different air conditioning brands that are out there to choose from. There are definitely some companies that are better than others; just like with anything else you set out to purchase. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about some of the top brands so that you can make an educated decision as to which one is the best fit for your home.


Carrier is an air conditioning brand that has been around since 1902. It’s long standing excellence is what makes it one of the top names in the industry. There are many models to choose from that will fit within virtually any budget. You can purchase one of these systems that has SEER ratings up to 21, which is phenomenal. This company services both residential customers as well as commercial businesses. When you choose Carrier, you don’t have to worry about your unit running through the dead of summer, they work flawlessly and noiselessly.


Right under Carrier is Lennox. This is another brand that you should feel comfortable investing your money in. This brand has been around since 1895 and was founded in Texas. Maybe that’s why it’s known for being so reliable since it is made to handle intense Texas summers. They are known for their several energy settings that allow you to run your unit and still keep your energy bills under control.


Over a century ago a Norwegian mechanical engineer named Edwin RUDD came to America and developed the first successful automatic water heater. That early success marked the start of a tradition of innovation and that led to the introduction of RUUD heating and air conditioning equipment in the 1950s. Since then, RUUD has become one of North America’s largest manufacturers of quality heating, cooling and water heating products for residential and light commercial use.


If you are looking to turn your home towards home automation, Trane may be the brand that you will want to go with. They have some of the latest in air conditioning technology incorporated into their systems. Because of their tech-savvy designs, they are among the highest chosen units. Another thing that makes them so intriguing is the fact that they are more affordable than some other brands, and come with higher end features at that lower cost.


For those that aren’t looking to break the bank when they replace their air conditioning system, Amana is one of the highest chosen brands next to Carrier. Amana will give you the reliability that you are looking for at a price most people can afford. Their systems receive a SEER rating up towards 24 which means it is extremely energy efficient.

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