Troubleshooting Home AC Condenser Problems in Pecan Grove, TX; Faulty Run Capacitor, Leaking Water & More

A function of the HVAC system is to absorb the heat from within your home and expelled to the outdoors. The condenser is responsible for releasing the heat and is usually found in the outdoor unit. When the heat is absorbed, is during the time the liquid refrigerant is transformed into the gas. This is the basic performance of how the air conditioner operates. Through the evaporator, the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat, which is then expelled outside. The refrigerant turns into a gas once the heat is absorbed and in order to feel the coolness, the heat is quickly released outside. Considering this, we at Absolute Air Conditioning & Plumbing would like to relate the basics of the condenser. There are some common problems that we would like to take the opportunity to share.

Dirt / Debris Build Up on AC Components

It is inevitable that the condenser or other parts to get dirty because most residential air conditioner components are mounted outdoors. The performance from the condenser is impeded by the dirt and debris the outdoor components attract, as well as encroaching grass, brush, and other vegetation growing around the system. Be sure the unit is periodically cleaned, and you ensure there is at least 3-feet around the unit.

Faulty AC Run Capacitor

Providing energy for the fan motors, are the condenser’s run capacitors. The motor frequently will not start up due to the faulty run capacitor. You will need your local HVAC technician for proper diagnosis and repair in the event you think that your run capacitors have gone bad.

Clogged AC Condenser

Condenser failure can result when the AC unit can get blocked by debris and other unwanted particles. Due to metal particles that punctured the condenser itself is frequently the culprit, however, some of these particles could be external. Homeowners can potentially prevent this problem with efficient maintenance.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Failed seals and faulty tubes can leak, causing the condenser failure. The tubes may suffer from wear and break or it can get pinched, especially through excessive use. To remedy the leaks, you need an experienced professional.

Damage to AC Coil

Whether due to corrosion and debris or the impacts of use, one of the worst AC condenser problems is damaged coils. An expert can identify the source and make the necessary repairs.

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

The air conditioner condenser elements, like the motor, fans, tubes, coils, and other components and any of them can malfunction. To maintain a smoothly running condenser, the unit routinely cleaned. Debris can easily buildup since the part of the unit is outside. Make certain to keep the unit clear of clutter and use your water hose to spray down your condenser unit. Ensure to schedule professional tune-ups at least once a year to keep the air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently as well.

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