When to Replace Central Air Conditioner in Sienna Plantation, TX; Efficiency, Excessive AC Repairs, Health & More

Air conditioner units are fairly important to most people. When the summers get blistering hot, we need these devices to ensure the inside of our homes are cool and comfortable. A good quality air conditioner that is routinely maintained and well-cared for can last a couple of decades. However, what many homeowners do not realize, is that the older air conditioner units, even if they are seemingly operating correctly, are costing you money. With this in mind, we at Absolute AC & Plumbing would like to discuss how an old air conditioner is costing you extra.

Air Conditioner Efficiency

As modern marvels, today’s air conditioners are highly efficient. This is a result of the 1970s and 1980s that demanded a better energy efficiency in appliances. To improve over time, the other part is that AC technology continues its growth. You probably aren’t even coming close to a modern efficiency if you are running an older AC unit. Poor cooling efficiency is resulting in utility bills that are twice as high as they should be. In some cases, installing a new AC unit can slice your cooling costs by almost half.

Excessive Air Conditioning Repairs

The costs for repairs add up quickly. Understandably, the older an air conditioner is, the more repairs they require from the use and natural wear and tear. With the excessive repair costs, most homeowners would find they are spending enough money to buy a new unit. Experts say that that if the repairs costs are 50% or more of a unit after it is 10 years old, it is in your better interest to invest in a new one. With a new unit, you can start fresh, it will not need repairs for a while, and should it need repair, a warranty should cover the costs. From there, you can keep it in good condition with annual tune-up and regular maintenance. In the long run, investing in a new air conditioner saves you money over time.

Effects of Old Air Conditioners on Health

There is a link between illnesses and old air conditioners. There is a recipe for disaster when air is not moving around your house like it should, and the air that is circulating isn’t being filtered very well. With an older AC unit, upper respiratory infections, severe allergic reactions, and even colds and flu can really take over a living space. The more healthcare costs you’re going to see, as it goes without saying, the more your health suffers. To help you stay healthy and the doctors get less of your hard-earned money, and since medical care is not inexpensive, the new AC units have better filtration technology, making them a better option than your older unit.

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Ultimately, when your unit is around 15-20 years old, you will save more money investing in a replacement unit. When you need a replacement unit, the expert technicians of Absolute AC & Plumbing are readily available to assist you. Call us today to get started on your air conditioner replacement service.

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