Why is My Heat Pump Leaking Water in Wells Branch, TX & is this an HVAC Heating & Cooling Emergency?

There are lots of ways your home can be heated and cooled. You can have a furnace, boiler, heat pump, central air conditioner and other similar systems. Whatever the heating and cooling units you have it is important to know when there is a problem and when you need to call for a professional. When it comes to a heat pump this is a versatile unit that can create heat when the winter is cold and create cool air when you are in the middle of the summer. The heat pump can start to have problems that include leaking that you will want to make sure that you call a professional to check and fix as needed. Absolute P&M Services outlines what a leaking heat pump means and why you want to have it repaired.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is part of the HVAC system that can be used to create heat when you need it to and cooled air when you want. There is a valve that is part of the unit that will allow the air to be pushed over the coils that will then act with the refrigerant to remove the heat from the home or to create heat so that it can be sent through the house. The heat pump needs to be able to use the refrigerant that is a main component of how the pump works. The fact is that you want to make sure that you know when there is an issue with your heat pump and if there is a leak with the refrigerant.

Is a Leaking Heat Pump Considered an HVAC Emergency?

Although the refrigerant that is leaking can be slow it is important to have your heat pump looked at right away. When you allow the refrigerant to leak even slowly you are using a heat pump that is not efficient. This means that you are paying more money than necessary to try and cool or warm your home. You want to make sure that you have a professional out to find the cause of the leak and make the needed repairs.

What Can a Leaking Heat Pump Mean?

There are some things you want to make sure you know when you allow your heat pump to leak. The heat pump has a job to reduce the moisture that is around the heat pump. There is often a pan that is in place to catch the moisture and allow it to move away from the unit. If there is a leak you can be on the road to a potential water damage issue. The water damage can start to get in space that you do not want it to be and then that can then lead to mold and mildew growth. These can be a danger to your home and your family and can be difficult to treat later. The other problem is that you will find that the leak is allowing moisture on some of the components that you don’t want to get wet. This can cause the unit to wear out quickly and will make it so that you have to replace the unit in its entirety.

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