What Should Be Included in an AC Tune-Up & Why Professional Maintenance is Worth It in Hornsby Bend, TX

A common goal is protecting the energy efficiency, overall performance, and lifespan of the air conditioner for most people. As a part of the routine care and maintenance, a primary factor is that the air conditioner should be properly serviced by a professional at least annually. It is critical you have the unit tuned up every year by a certified expert in order to maximize the attributes of your cooling system. To relate more concerning air conditioning tune-up services is what we at Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical would like to do today.

Does AC Tune-Up Include Cleaning Coils?

You should have the air conditioning tune-up service just before you start to rely on your cooling system on a consistent basis but any time is better than no time. To be sure the unit is ready to endure the season, the technician is thorough and covers the ins and outs of the unit and cooling system. Tune-up tasks includes the following:
Condenser coils. Since a they are susceptible to collecting a lot of dirt and debris, a comprehensive cleaning is often conducted on the condenser coils. The energy efficiency is reduced by the accumulation of the filth significantly because it increases the wear and tear.
Thermostat. Ensure the calibration of the thermostat is correct.
Ductwork. Ductwork is checked for the expected airflow and potential energy loss.
Electrical connection. The wiring is proficiently tightened down and adjusted after an evaluation and testing of the electrical system.
Blower. The blower motor and the condition of the belt is inspected for reliable performance and the condition of the unit.
Coolant levels & lube application. The technician will inspect the coolant levels in order to ensure the unit has a sprung a leak. The damage and energy costs accrue when the moving parts are properly lubed decrease friction. In addition to cleaning everything, lubing the necessary areas, and adjusted; and the moving parts are checked on for excessive wear and replaced if needed, the tune-up service include a series of tests that check for performance and safety ultimately. To help maintain a smoothly, the tune-up increases the overall health, longevity, and performance.

Why You Should Get an AC Tune Up Every Year

1) AC Life Expectancy. The A/C unit can between 15 and 20 years on average, depending on the quality of the unit and the care that is provided. The unit needs a tuned-up every year to be sure the unit makes it to its expected lifespan, and maybe longer.
2) Maintain AC Warranty. In order to keep the warranty valid, documented proof of professional maintenance scheduled on time is sometimes required. If the maintenance was neglected, should you have an issue with the unit, parts or a replacement expense may not be covered with the warranty.
3) AC Energy Efficiency. To keep the unit operating to its full potential, as we have mentioned a few times, tune-ups in conjunction with additional maintenance, care, and immediate repairs are needed. You want a reliable cooling system making your home comfortable when temperatures are on the rise outside.
4) Reduce Likely AC Breakdowns. It significantly reduces serious breakdowns and other repair needs when you invest in early tune-up services. During early development of wear and tear that can cause those unexpected problems during the tune-up process, the technicians often intervene.

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