Why is My Furnace Making a Weird Smell in Aldine, TX? Heating Repair for Rotten Eggs & Burning Plastic Odors

It’s that time of year when we need to start making the switch from our air conditioning system to our heating system as the days get shorter and the nights are cooler. It’s important to remember that there are some smells that you shouldn’t ever smell when you turn your furnace on for the first time. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about some smells that may be present when you turn your furnace on for the first time this fall, and which ones are a cause for concern.

Is it Normal for a Furnace to Smell?

There are some furnace smells that are more serious than others. You will smell something from time to time, and some smells are going to require professional help as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common furnace smells and what they mean.
– Burning Dust: When you turn your furnace on for the first time in the fall time, it isn’t uncommon to smell something that is similar to burning dust. During the summer months, there was more than likely some dust that had fallen on and throughout your furnace. You more than likely have some that has settled in the air ducts of your home as well. When you turn your furnace on, for the first few minutes you may notice that burning dust smell, but it should quickly go away. If it doesn’t, you may need to call a pro for help.
– Mold: You never want to smell mold or a musty smell when you turn on your furnace. This can be caused by a number of different problems, but it will need to be addressed right away. Having mold in your home can be hazardous to your health. This is often caused by a clog in the drain system for your AC unit, but the smell can still be carried throughout the home when you turn on your heat.
– Rotten Eggs: Natural gas and propane are both colorless and odorless. For this reason, there is an additive put in natural gas to make it have a smell so you can detect a leak when needed. The smell often mimics rotten eggs. Having a gas leak is a serious issue and will require the help of professionals to make sure the leak is fixed and your home is safe.
– Burning Plastic: When you have a new furnace, it isn’t uncommon for a smell resembling burning plastic to be present when you first turn it on. However, you shouldn’t smell it on an older furnace. This could indicate an electrical problem that can be serious.

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If you have any of these strange odors present when you turn your furnace on this season, you can turn to Absolute P&M Services to help you get to the bottom of the problem. We can handle any repairs large or small to ensure your furnace is ready to keep you warm this winter season. Call us today!

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