Why is My Central Air Conditioner Leaking Water in Four Corners, TX? AC Evaporator Coils, Drain Line Problems & More

Water leaks inside a home is never a good sign. Water leaking inside the home can lead to major damages and mold. There can be a number of different sources of water leaks and one source can be from the air conditioning system. When an air conditioner leaks, it can cause water to enter into the home. Absolute P&M Services will share why water will leak from the air conditioner and cause major water damage inside the home.

Air Conditioner Drain Line Problems

One of the most common reasons for water due to a leak from the air conditioning system is the drainage line. Often the drainage line will develop a problem that will cause the water to back up. The drainage system is made of the condensate pan and plumbing line which redirects the water safely away from the home. At times, the drainage line piping can become blocked and the water cannot flow away from the home. The pan drain can also become clogged and water can come up and out of the condensate pan. In a few rare instances, the piping that connects to the condensate pan that leads the water away from the home can also break. Condensation will always accumulate around the air conditioning system. As the condensation builds up, the water will drip into the condensate pan and into the drainage line. If there is a problem with the pan or drainage line, it will result in water leaks inside the home.

Leaking Evaporator Coils

Water or leaks inside the home can also develop from the evaporator coils. The condensate coils can develop ice which at some point will melt and then drip water from the coils and into the home. Evaporator coils will ice for a few different reasons. If the problem isn’t corrected, ice will continue to develop and melt, leading to more and more water damage and mold. One of the common reasons for ice to build up on the evaporator coils is when the coils get dirty. When the coils get dirty, the evaporator coils cannot function correctly. The temperatures can get very cold to the point the condensation will freeze and ice up. The coils can get dirty when the air filters are not changed out regularly. Dirty air filters can also cause poor air flow which causes stress on the air conditioner and the cooling system to not work properly. The other causes for both evaporator and condensate coils to ice up is when the refrigerant is low or gone. When the refrigerant is low, again the air conditioning system will attempt to create cool air but without the refrigerant, the coils can ice up.

Central Air Conditioning Repair, Tune Up, Maintenance & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

Water leaks can be prevented with proper maintenance. When having the air conditioner regularly maintained, the condensate drainage system is checked, the coils are cleaned and the refrigerant levels are checked. It is essential to have the cooling and heating system maintained to prevent water leaks and other HVAC failures. If you have water leaks in the ceiling around the air conditioning system or are having other HVAC problems, contact Absolute P&M Services.

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