Signs of a Bad Air Conditioner Capacitor in Fairchilds, TX; AC Not Blowing Air from Vents, Unit Won’t Turn On & More

The air conditioning system uses a variety of components to create the cool air during the hot summers. One component that needs extra attention is the air conditioner’s capacitor. The capacitor at times will go out or begin to fail which can leave your home without any air conditioning. When a capacitor begins to develop problems it will often give some warning signs. Absolute P&M Services will share what the capacitor’s job is as well as the signs that the capacitor is going bad or is about to fail.

What Does an AC Capacitor Do?

Where this is an electrical motor there is a capacitor. As capacitors will vary based on the equipment, an air conditioner motor uses a capacitor to provide it with power. The capacitor is like a battery on an air conditioning unit. They are either cylinder or cuboid shaped. The capacitor will send the energy to the air conditioner’s motor which helps to create and circulate the cool air throughout the home. When the capacitor begins to fail, the power will fail to provide the air conditioner with its needed power. Some of the signs of a faulty air conditioner capacitor include the following.

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Air from Vents

When the air conditioner is not blowing any air this is one of the common signs the capacitor has failed. If the air conditioner unit is not blowing air, try turning off the thermostat and then turn it back on. If this doesn’t correct the problem the capacitor may need to be replaced.

Unusually High Electric Bill

When your energy bill begins to creep up higher and higher, often there is a problem with the capacitor. As the capacitor begins to have problems, sometimes it won’t cut power off to the motor and has a delay in turning off.

Air Conditioner Buzzing or Humming Noise

Can you hear a buzzing or humming noise when the air conditioner begins to switch on? That humming or buzzing noise is the capacitor. When the capacitor makes these types of noises, you are experiencing the early warning sign that it is going to go out. When you hear the buzzing or humming, contact a HVAC professional and have the capacitor replaced before it goes out altogether.

Air Conditioner Turns On & Off

When the air conditioner shuts off on its own, it is often a sign the capacitor is cutting out before the air conditioner has completed its cycle. When the capacitor begin to fail it can have this reaction. When the air conditioner unit just shuts down all on its own, usually the capacitor is beginning to fail.

Air Conditioner Unit Won’t Turn on Right Away

A similar problem is when there is a delay for the air conditioner to turn on or activate even when the air conditioner is manually turned on. When the air conditioner fails to turn on altogether, most often this points to a dead capacitor and requires replacement.

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