Why is My Boiler On But Not Heating in Alvin, TX? Clogged Burners, Low Gas Pressure & More

A boiler system is essential to a home. Homes and other buildings that use a boiler need the boiler to help keep the building or home warm. Some boiler systems also are used for the hot water heater. Depending on the type of boiler system you have, your boiler may heat your home and your water. For those with a boiler that do both, you know that it is operating all year long. When the boiler fails to fire up you will be left with cold water and a very cold home. Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical will help you determine why your boiler failed to fire up, and when to contact a professional HVAC service.

Why is My Boiler Not Firing Up?

Clogged Boiler Burners: A boiler will fail to fire up when the burner has become blocked. When a boiler is operating it will produce carbon monoxide (CO2) gases. The CO2 clogs the burners and the flame will no longer be stable. To unblock the burners you will need to clean off the carbon build-up from off of the burners. In some cases the burner may be damaged and need to be replaced. If the burners are still not working after being cleaned, the burner will need to be replaced.
Faulty Boiler Fan: When you use the boiler for hot water or to create heat, a fan should be running. This fan is used to create a draft that pushes the CO2 gas away from the boiler and through the flue or an exhaust system. The fan is an essential element to the boiler safety system. If the fan is not working then the boiler will not ignite. If the fan isn’t working, it will need to be inspected and see why it is not working. The fan may need to be replaced if it is not running.
Low Boiler Gas Pressure: Another reason why a boiler will fail to start or fire up, is when there is not enough gas pressure to ignite the boiler. Most boilers will use gas. However, some do use propane, and electricity. For those who have a gas fueled boiler, sometimes the gas supply is interrupted and it will not produce enough fuel to fire up the boiler. You will need to have the gas supply line tested for leaks, kinks or other reasons why the fuel is not being properly supplied.
Boiler Condensate Pipe Freezes: During periods of extreme cold, the boiler’s pipe can freeze. However, the boiler pipe will only freeze if they were installed improperly or something has gone very wrong with the pipes. If the pipes freeze this will prevent the boiler from firing up. The pipe will need to be inspected for problems or flaws to determine why they iced up. The problem will need to be corrected to restore your boiler.
Electrical Boiler Problems: Even a gas fueled boiler will rely on electrical power for some of its components such as the fans and the ignition system. Check the boiler power supply and see if the fuse or breaker needs to be reset. If that doesn’t restore the power there may be a problem with the wiring in the boiler.

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