Common Plumbing Problems in Lake Jackson, TX; Faulty Faucets, Running Toilet, Clogged Sink & More

When you own a house you know that you need to put some effort into making repairs and upgrades. These are all needed to keep your house working well. If you choose to ignore even a small repair that is needed it can quickly turn into a much larger problem. There are some small repairs that a savvy homeowner can do on their own. When it comes to the plumbing in your house you want to make sure that you use a plumber to make the repairs. The plumbing system is what brings water to the house and also removes the waste. If you make a mistake while doing a repair to the plumbing system you could be covered in water or worse. The work that is needed to repair fixtures, pipes and other plumbing appliances should be done by a professional that has the expertise to do it right. There are some common problems with your plumbing that may need to be repaired. Absolute P&M Services outlines some of the top plumbing problems.

Faulty Faucets

Have you ever been lying in bed wondering why you can hear a drip of water in the bathroom next door? It might not seem like a big deal with a drip every few seconds but over time it can add up. A single drip from a single faucet is enough to make an impact on your water bill. You are also not doing your part to help preserve water allowing it to go straight down the drain. The faucet can be dripping water for several reasons. The most common problem is with the fixture itself and the rubber seals that should be kept in good condition. Many times these rubber gaskets can be replaced by a plumber or you can choose to update the entire faucet with a new one.

Toilet that Keeps Running

When you go use the restroom and you flush the toilet it will push the water through a pipe and out to the sewer. Then the tank that is hanging on the back of the toilet will refill the bowl and then itself full of water. This should happen only after you flush the toilet but it can start to happen intermittently in between. You might hear the tank start to fill again which you might get used to but is best if it is repaired. A dripping sink is one way to waste water but a running toilet happens to waste substantially more. You want to be sure you have a plumber repair the toilet so that you can save on money and conserve water.

Clogged Shower & Sink Drains

If you are using your sink to wash dishes only to find that the water is slow to drain or you are standing in water during your shower you have a clog. The clogs that you have in your drains can be from all kinds of debris and they need to be removed Sometimes the clog is deep in the line and needs to be removed by a professional plumber. They are able to often snake the drain to pull the clog out and get your water flowing again.

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