Why is My AC Compressor Overheating & Shutting Off in La Porte, TX? How Do I Stop My Unit Malfunctioning?

During the hot summer your air conditioner will work hard to keep your home cool. The harder the air conditioner works the warmer the unit gets. There are a few components of an air conditioning system that is prone to overheating. It is important to take steps to help prevent the air conditioner from overheating, or risk seriously damaging your home’s cooling system. Absolute P&M Services will share some of the common causes of overheating in an air conditioner and what needs to be done to prevent it.

Location of Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioner seems to always be overheating since the unit was installed, the unit may have been installed in a poor location. When an air conditioner is too close to the home, either in a confined location or sitting in the direct sunlight all day, this can cause the unit to get very hot. An air conditioner unit must have space to allow plenty of air flow. If the air flow is restricted, then the heat cannot disperse properly. If your air conditioner is constantly overheating, you may want to talk with an HVAC technician and see if the unit can be easily moved or your other options in helping keep the unit cool.

Low Refrigerant Level

The refrigerant is used to create the cool air for your home. Not only does the refrigerant create the cool air but it also helps the air conditioner stay cool as well. When the refrigerant is low, the various components will begin to overheat. Another reason low refrigerant will contribute to overheating problems, is that the air conditioner has to run a lot. When the home isn’t being cooled down, the thermostat will trigger another and another cooling cycle which will force the unit to work much more often. This will eventually lead to major overheating and component failures. It is important to watch for the signs of low refrigerant and have the refrigerant leak repaired and the air conditioner re-changed.

Dirty Air Filter

Most people underestimate the damage dirty air filters can do to the air conditioner. When the filters are dirty it restricts air flow, forcing the air conditioner to work more and longer cooling cycles. As the air conditioner runs more cooling cycles, the unit will overheat. To prevent overheating make sure to change out the air filters. Each home will vary but on average, air filters will need to be changed every 1 to 3 months.

AC Mechanical Issue

If the air conditioner develops a mechanical problem such as fan problems, compressor failure or a refrigerant leak, the stress of the failing component often results in overheating. When the air conditioner develops a mechanical problem, it is important to not stress the unit out. Turn of the air conditioner and have the air conditioner checked and repaired. Even a small mechanical problem can lead to overheating which can lead to a much bigger problem and more expensive repairs. Additionally, a number of mechanical problems can be prevented with yearly air conditioning tune-ups and proper maintenance.

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