Why is Air Conditioner Running But Not Lowering the Indoor Temperature in Some Rooms in My Deer Park, TX House?

Generally, the air conditioner operating at full performance should maintain a cool home throughout the entire house. However, there are times, no matter how much you adjust your thermostat, some areas just never seem to cool. Usually, air conditioning repairs are warranted when there is uneven cooling, as it is a symptom of several problems. To help you better identify what could be causing your air conditioning to not effectively cool your home, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to list the common reasons this is happening.

Why is AC Running But Not Cooling Whole House?

1) AC is Too Small for House. An undersized unit won’t be able to fully cool your house and it will draw a lot of power. Uneven temperatures from hot spots to drafts will develop throughout your home. After having a technician determine the best size for your house’s square footage, an upgraded model replacement should remedy the problem.
2) You Need to Recalibrate the Thermostat. Uncontrollable temperatures can be due to a mis-calibrated thermostat. Additionally, a big influence on how your AC performs comes from the location of the thermostat as well. It may not be getting accurate readings if your thermostat is near windows, doors, or a vent.
3) An Old AC Unit. Air conditioners still have an expiration date, though they are generally designed to last. Though some may give out sooner or even last longer, most central HVAC systems will last around 12 to 17 years. The unit has work harder to perform its job the older it is.
Eventually, old air conditioning units can lose their power and are unable to cool the home as they originally could. In addition to being able to efficiently cool the home evenly, upgrading to modern, energy-efficient model can help you save on cooling costs.
4) Air Filter Needs to be Changed or Cleaned. When it comes to air conditioning problems, dirty air filters are one of the most common culprits. Fortunately, this is also one of the cheapest and easiest fixes. You can prevent disrupted airflow by regularly replacing your air filter every 30 to 90 days.
Consider booking a maintenance call if you aren’t sure how to change your filter, or even what kind you need. A technician can assist you in determining the air filter your system requires, and other pertinent information.
5) Refrigerant Leaking. The amount of cool air your AC produces and distributes is limited when there is a refrigerant leak. Especially if your unit is several years old and still uses R22, leaking refrigerant is a hazard to the environment and your health.

Common Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

– To cool your whole house, your AC struggles
– Around your outside unit is obvious liquid
– During operation, you hear hissing or bubbling
– AC runs constantly (Known as Short Cycling)
– Even set to “cool,” air feels warmer than usual
Promptly call a professional for AC repair if you suspect that your AC has a refrigerant leak and shut off your system.

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