Why Home Central Air Conditioner Smells Like Burning in Kemah, TX; Dust, AC Motor Overheating, Dirty Coils & More

Most people know that during the hotter months you need to have a good working air conditioning unit. The AC is one of the most important parts of keeping a house comfortable. The comfort of a home can start with the temperature that is in the house. This is why you want to make sure that your AC is in good condition and if there are any signs of trouble you have them repaired as soon as possible. One of the issues that you might start to notice is that when your air conditioner is staring you can make out what smells like heat. This initial smell of heat is not something that you should overlook. The smell is telling you that there is an issue and that you need to have it inspected and repaired by a professional. There are several things that might cause this to occur. Absolute P&M Services outlines what would make your AC smell like heat when it is running.

Dust Can Make AC Smell Like Burning

One of the things that most people will notice is that when they first start to use either their air conditioning unit or the heater that they have an odor that is similar to burning or heat. This is very common and usually occurs the first few times that they are used. The reason is that there is going to be dust that is building up on the unit while it is not being used. Then when you turn it on it can heat up the dust and give off the smell of heat or burning. IF this happens and goes away quickly then you likely have no reason to be concerned. If you notice that it is a continual problem it might be caused by something else.

AC Motor Overheating

The most common reason that you will start to smell heat when the air conditioner is working is from a part that has started to overheat. There is a motor and fans that are being used to cool the house down. The motor and the fan need to have maintenance done to them on a regular basis to ensure that they are able to move and work. They need to be lubricated and cleaned so that they are able to work. If you do not have your AC maintained properly you will end up with the motor and the fan seizing and this can cause a burning or heated smell. If this is happening the unit will stop working at some point if the issue has not been addressed. It is best to always have your HVAC unit maintained regularly to avoid these types of breakdowns.

Dirty AC Coils

Other homeowners have reported that they have a heated odor when the coils on the exterior of the unit are covered with dirt or debris. They need to be clean and clear of any debris so that they can work properly. If they are not they can produce the smell of burning or heat that will get in the house. The cleaning of the coils is done as part of the general maintenance of the unit.

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