When are Repairs to Fix a Heating Problem Too Much & Heating System Replacement Needed in Jacinto City, TX?

It is completely normal to have heating repairs pop up every now and then. You will more than likely have to repair your heating system a few times throughout its lifespan. However, sometimes the repairs needed for your heating system can become too much. If this is the case, you are more than likely going to be better off replacing the unit rather than forking over the money for the repair. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about how you can weigh the cost of repairs with the cost of furnace replacement as you decide which one is better for your furnace.

Use Your Furnace Warranty for Repairs

If you are dealing with a relatively new furnace that is still covered under the manufacturer warranty, you will want to find an HVAC company that will honor that. You don’t want to pay for repairs that you don’t have to. As time goes on though, you will find that the warranty runs out and you will be left with the repair bill. This is when it starts to hurt a little more. The repairs should still be small though, even without your warranty. As your furnace gets older, you will more than likely see an increase in the cost of the repairs. It often leaves homeowners asking when enough is enough and replacement is the better choice?

Furnace 5000 Rule

When it comes to deciding if a repair is simply too much for your older furnace, there is a 5000 rule that can be helpful and come into play. The way this works is to take the cost of the repair and multiply it by the age of your unit. If that number comes out to be more than 5000, you may want to consider replacing the unit rather than repairing it. Spending close to $1,000 to repair an old furnace isn’t going to pay off in the long run.

Should I Finance a New Furnace? Consider a Down Payment

If you are paying a high dollar amount to have your older furnace replaced and are still thinking that the cost of the repair is by far less than the replacement of the furnace, you need to look at things a little differently. Sometimes, that money you are using for furnace repairs could make a sizable down payment on a new furnace. You may find that it is better to invest your money in a new system that will be far more reliable and will cost less to run in energy.

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For those that are on the fence about whether or not they should repair or replace their older furnace, you can turn to the pros at Absolute P&M Services to help you figure out what is the best course of action for your HVAC system. We will help you look at the situation from every angle as well as take your budget into account as you decide how best to move forward. Call us today!

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