What Can Cause a Boiler to Stop Working in Bunker Hill Village, TX? Leaks, Kettlikng & Other Common Troubles

For those who have a boiler for their home’s heating system, it is important to identify problems as they develop and seek the needed repairs. Experiencing boiler failure in the middle of the winter will leave your home very cold. To avoid a freezing home, Absolute P&M Services will share some of the common boiler failures and tell you how to detect them when these problems occur.

Is it Safe to Use a Boiler if it is Dripping or Leaking?

You may not think too much about leaks or water drips coming from your boiler’s tank or piping system. However, leaks or dripping water can be a sign of a major problem in the coming future. Leaking or dripping pipes or tanks are often due to rust or corrosion that occurs. The seals can break down over time. Then worn down seals, rust and corrosion will allow the water to leak. The dripping and leaking water will only lead to further corrosion and rusting along with water damage inside the home. When you have leaks, it can also indicate the internal pressure is also off which will lead to heating issues. When you have dripping or signs of water leaking from your boiler tank or pipes, seek professional repairs right away.

What Does Boiler Kettling Sound Like?

When you hear a rumbling or what sounds like rocks bouncing around inside the boiler’s tank, this is what is known as kettling. Kettling occurs when the inside of the tank develops mineral deposits, which can develop over time and can be heard bouncing around. When minerals develop inside the boiler tank, they can lead to clogs and damage within the tank. The boiler’s heat exchanger is often compromised when minerals develop in the tank. The tank will need to be cleaned out and possibly requite replacement of the heat exchanger. When you hear rumbling inside the tank, make sure you seek a professional boiler service to correct the kettling problem.

Boiler Pilot Light Goes Out

When your boiler seems to be having a hard time running a cycle or staying on, you may have a problem with the pilot light. The pilot light is what starts up the system, and therefore affects the entire heating system. When the pilot light turns off or if the flame color is a yellow or orange, this indicates a problem with the pilot light. Often the pilot light will need to be cleaned or occasionally replaced. When your pilot light fails to stay on or the flame color is not blue, you need to have the pilot light cleaned or replaced.

Freezing Boiler Condensate Pipe

For those with a newer boiler, you may have a condensing boiler which has a condensate pipe. A condensate pipe removes the waste gases the boiler can create. When it gets cold enough outside, moisture inside the condensate pipe will ice up and cause a blockage. You will need to clear out the ice. Simply pour hot water over the condensate pipe when the ice builds up.

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