What Would Possibly Happen if HVAC System is Not Installed Properly in Richmond, TX?

A new HVAC system is the third biggest purchase that most homeowners will ever make after buying a home and a car. You might be tempted to go with the lowest quote an HVAC contractor gives you because of the price tag that comes with a new system. More often than not, this choice will not be the best long-term one. You are more likely to encounter companies that have cut corners to reduce their expenses while some HVAC contractors are able to provide honest work for less money. Today, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to discuss the red flags prior to installation you may not see quality work, and the signs of a poor installation service.

Red Flags of Poor Contractor Quality Before HVAC Installation

It’s a good idea to get at least a few quotes if time permits so that you can compare companies before choosing an HVAC contractor to replace your current system. You want to choose a company that will deliver you the best long-term value, ideally. Below are some red flags that can crop up before your installation even takes place.
– Before giving you a quote for a new HVAC system, the company rep barely spends any time examining your home and its cooling issues. Or, based on just a few pieces of information about your home, the company only gives you a quote over the phone.
– Your calls are never returned.
– The company calls you about any possible delays that have come up unexpectedly or not keeping appointments.
– The company does not insurance.
– You can’t locate their license number.
First impressions are lasting, and if they cannot put their best foot forward before the work starts, you cannot expect a good outcome. Since it is such a big investment, take the time to find a contractor that has taken the time to inspect your current system and understand your home’s unique heating and cooling issues.

Signs of a Poor HVAC Installation

It is not until later that problems begin to emerge as some cases, the entire sales and installation process can go smoothly. this is another area where contractors will cut corners unfortunately, as a lot of care must go into an HVAC system installation. Below are the signs of poor installation.
1) Inefficient Performance. There is a problem if your new system is still giving you costly energy bills and creating hot and cold spots around the house.
2) Air Ducts are Pinched-off. To allow them to curve and be arranged around obstacles, most air ducts are light and flexible. The airflow will be restricted if they’re bent too far or pinched-off with straps, not providing comfortable air around the home.
3) Straps Bolted Into its sides Hold the Indoor Air Unit. When suspended this way, it begins to buckle because the equipment is not designed to bear its own weight.
4) Missing Gas Pipe’s Drip from the Unit. Having one for your furnace is a code requirement since a drip leg is meant to catch moisture in a gas piping system since a drip leg is meant to catch moisture in a gas piping system.

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