How Do I Find Out if My Furnace has Been Recalled & Needs Replacement in Rosenberg, TX

Most of us rely on a furnace to keep our homes warm during the winter months. That appliance spend a good amount of time working when the temperatures drop outdoors. With the number of months that we rely on our furnaces for heat, it is important to ensure that they are an appliance that isn’t causing a safety concern for our homes. One way to ensure your furnace isn’t a safety hazard is to make sure there isn’t a recall on it. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about furnace recalls, and why you need to know if yours has one.

Furnace Recalls

Recalls are put in place to make sure homes are safe from defective parts in the furnace. Sometimes, a recall means that only one part of the furnace needs to be removed and replaced. However, there are times where the entire furnace needs to be replaced by a new one that doesn’t have the same dangerous problem. Some of the problems that you could encounter include:
– Fire Hazards: Believe it or not, most fires that are caused by a faulty furnace are directly connected to negligence by the manufacturer in one way or another. The electrical components that make up your furnace can be dangerous if there is a recall on them. It is important that you know whether or not these parts needs to be replaced.
– Carbon Monoxide Leaks: Carbondale monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be incredibly dangerous and even life threatening if it is inhaled in your home. Unfortunately, this gas is a byproduct of your furnace heating your home. For a furnace that is working properly, that gas is vented to the great outdoors where it doesn’t pose a threat. When there is a recall on the heat exchanger, there is a danger that it could be leaking into your home.

How to Find Out if There is Recall on My Furnace

The best way to see if your furnace has a recall that is active is to check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). When you look at their Furnace Recall page, you will see a list of furnace manufacturers that have been involved in recalls on their products. You can always contact them by phone or email if you have any questions about your furnace being listed on their website. If you have found that you have a furnace that has a recall notice, it is important that you take that seriously and fix the problem.

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It doesn’t matter if you have to replace a specific part or the entire furnace because of a recall notice, you can turn to Absolute P&M Services to help ensure your furnace is as safe as possible for your home. We will handle any replacements or repairs that you might find you need. Call us today!

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