What Voids an AC Warranty in Spring, TX? DIY Air Conditioner Repairs, Neglecting Professional Maintenance & More

Air conditioning warranties can be very intriguing, and volumes could be written on the subject. On the of the primary concerns of warranty is typically how much money they will save you, or how much they will help you with your air conditioning repairs. With this in mind, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to further discuss the topic of warranties and to help make sure they remain valid. From a full system warranty to a parts or labor warranty, depending on the type of warranty you have, it is going to require specific things be done for your air conditioner. You could void your warranty and cause problems for yourself down the line, for example, any time you get an unlicensed amateur to perform an air conditioning repair for you.

Schedule Routine Maintenance with a Licensed HVAC Contractor

Routine maintenance is common topic for most experts in the industry. Maintenance is stressed for good reason. Though regular maintenance, the life of your air conditioner can be extended, the performance efficiency is maximized, and you get the full cooling power you unit is designed to provide. Though these reasons should be enough, and important consideration is that when you skip yearly maintenance, your air conditioner’s warranty can be voided. Manufacturers and service providers only want to provide protection for homeowners that are providing the bare minimum amount of care for an air conditioner for homeowners. Since it is easier to repair a system that’s well-maintained, the logic is sound. Also, everyone wins if your unit is maintained, and you have got a warranty that is valid.

It is Better to Hire an AC Professional Instead of Repairing the AC Yourself

When you think about the money you will potentially save, working with an amateur or a family friend might seem like a good idea. You could be voiding the warranty of your system if you allow someone who is not qualified to work on your AC, however. It is often specifically stated in many AC warranties that only a licensed and qualified professional should be the one performing any repairs or maintenance on the system. Just make sure you are making the smart move by calling a team of well-trained, experienced, and qualified professionals that are completely licensed.

Never Attempt DIY Air Conditioner Repairs

We know many homeowners that are fairly handy around the house believe their abilities are enough. You may be able to find some robust tutorials online that give you just enough information to do it correctly if in the event you need a desktop computer built from parts, or a car’s oil changed. However, you need to be concerned about is your air conditioner, and the warranty that comes with it. You are risking not only the efficiency, longevity, and ability of your air conditioner to cool your home, in addition to voiding your warranty the moment you open up your AC to perform work yourself, though tutorials online might seem simple. It is ever worth the money you’ll lose from having your warranty voided over money saved on a DIY repair.

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