Signs of a Bad AC Capacitor or Breaker & Other Electrical Air Conditioning Problems in Texas City, TX

An air conditioning system uses a number of different parts and components to complete a single cooling cycle. An air conditioner has two major components and type one is mechanical, and the other is electrical. When an air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working properly, it can be difficult at times to determine if it is an electrical or mechanical problem. Absolute P&M Services will share the symptoms of an air conditioning electrical problem, to know the difference between electrical problems and mechanical.

Bad AC Capacitors

One of the major electrical devices in an air conditioner is the capacitors. An air conditioning system has a fan motor and a blower motor and both rely on a capacitor to operate. There are two capacitors. One sends electricity and the other capacitor maintains the electrical current to the motor. The capacitor that sends electricity is called the start capacitor. The capacitor that maintains an electrical current is called the run capacitor. At times the capacitors can become stuck open or closed. At times the capacitors can even break. If your air conditioner’s fan or blower motor fails to start, there is a problem with the start capacitor. If the fan or blower does start up but fails to stay on, then there is a problem with the run capacitor. The capacitors can be replaced, but it is important to seek professional assistance as a failed capacitor can lead to major problems.

AC Breaker Problems

An air conditioner requires a large amount of energy which is why an air conditioner unit has its own dedicated circuit and breaker. When the breaker trips to the air conditioner unit, you know it is an isolated problem. The breaker will trip when there is a power overload in the circuit. However, where an air conditioner is the only thing on, then the circuit shouldn’t be providing an overload problem. The air conditioner may not be the problem at all. Sometimes the breaker will trip on a dedicated line when there is a problem with the actual breaker. The breaker may be loose or has simply worn out. The breaker may even be undersized for the circuit. The breaker should be inspected if the air conditioner’s breaker keeps tripping.

Exposed Air Conditioner Wires

Inside an air conditioner there are wires that connect all of the components together. The electrical wiring provides power and also acts as the communication system for the entire air conditioning system. The wires are housed inside the air conditioner unit to help protect the wiring from the elements. However, over time the wiring can develop problems. Sometimes the wiring connection can become loose or disconnected. The wiring can also become frayed or corroded. There are a number of problems that can go wrong with the wiring. Often when the wring does develop issues the air conditioner will behave oddly. It will either have a hard time finishing a cycle or may start up and suddenly shut down.

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When you air conditioner has electrical problems it is best to contact a professional. They will better know how to troubleshoot electrical problems versus mechanical and ensure your air conditioner is properly repaired. For quality HVAC services contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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