HVAC Myths in La Marque, TX; Is it More Cost Effective to Leave Air Conditioning On & More?

When it comes to keeping your home cool during the summer, no one wants to pay more than they have to in cooling costs. This often leaves homeowners looking for ways to save during the hottest times of the year. Unfortunately, there are many AC myths out there that can leave homeowners doing the exact opposite from saving. Absolute P&M Services is here to quell these myths so that you can keep your home cool this summer all while paying as little as possible to do so.

What are the Do’s & Don’ts of AC?

Following are some common myths that can actually end up leaving homeowners paying more to keep their home cool in the summer.
1. Does AC Unit Size Matter?: When it comes to your AC unit, it is a common misconception that size doesn’t matter. Many people think that bigger is always better. In this case, that isn’t true. You need to have your AC sized perfectly to your home so that you don’t run into problems like short cycling and premature wear and tear on the unit.
2. Does Turning the Temperature Lower Cool Your House Faster?: It is always tempting to turn your AC down as low as possible when you are trying to cool the house down. While it might seem like this will help cool the house faster, that isn’t the case. Your home will still cool at the same rate when you set your thermometer at your desired temperature as opposed to turning it down significantly lower.
3. Does a Steady Temperature Cost Less?: Another myth out there is that fluctuating the temperature of your home when you are away from the house won’t save you money but will cost you more. If you are going to be gone for a significant amount of time, say 8 hours for work, turning the thermostat up 7 to 10 degrees while you are awake and help save you as much as 10% on your cooling bill each month.
4. Do Ceiling Fans Cool Your House?: When it comes to ceiling fans, there is no way around it, they can help a room feel cooler. While the room might feel cooler, it isn’t actually any cooler. If you want to lower the temperature of your house, the only way to do that is with your AC unit.
5. Should You Run Your AC Until it Dies?: No homeowners want to replace their AC system prematurely. This is a large expense and investment in your home. This is why homeowners often try to use their AC system until it breaks entirely. It might be more cost effective and beneficial to replace it far before that though. Around year 10 with your AC unit, there is a steep decline in efficiency.

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