How to Tell if Air Handler is Bad in Channelview, TX; Fan Running Slow, Leaking Water & More

The air handler is the unit inside the home or building. Essentially, it is the final stage of the cooling and heating system. It circulates the air through the blower that is then circulated throughout the home. The air handler is composed of a filtering system, the dampers and the blower fan. The air handler’s primary job is to control how much air is needed. When the air handler fails, it could be due to the failure of any one of the internal components. Absolute P&M Services will share signs of air handler failure and which component within the system may be the cause.

Are Handler Fan Running Slow or Failing

The fan, or often referred to as the fan unit, works with the air handlers. The fan unit takes the air from the air handler and blows the air through the vents and throughout the entire home or building. When the fan begins to wear down or breaks, often there is a loud clanking noise coming from the air handler or the fan. In many cases, the fan can be replaced. The rest of the air handler should then be back in business.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water

A common problem that affects the air handler is when the condensate drain is clogged. Underneath the air handler is the condensate pan, which captures the condensation that can develop on and around the air handler. When the condensation builds up enough, the water will drip into the condensate pan and into the drain. When the drain gets a clog, the pan will fill up with water and begin to overflow and leak. As the leak won’t affect the air handler directly, it can cause troubles down the road, not to mention the water damage that it causes within the home. The air handler will begin to rust and erode due to the collected water. To prevent damages to the air handler and severe water damages to the home, make sure to get the drain cleaned.

Dirty AC Blower

The blower or the blower motor sits within the air handler. The blower is prone to developing dirty build-up which has a major effect on the entire unit. The dirty blower can cause stress on the air handler and cause premature wear of various components. You will notice a decline in the air flow coming from the vent. It may also seem longer for the home to cool down. Depending on the age of the blower, how dirty it may be, or the degree of rusting, the blower can be cleaned. It may need to be replaced completely if erosion has begun. If the blower is dirty or damaged, another common sign is poor air quality. The air handler or the blower can develop mold especially if there is constant condensation. If the air quality appears muggy, or you suffer from indoor allergies, consider getting the air handler inspected and serviced.

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The air handler is an essential component of the HVAC system. The HVAC system and the air handler should be inspected and serviced twice a year. Once in spring and again in the fall to ensure it is functioning properly. If you are having air handler, other HVAC and/or plumbing problems, contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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