How Do I Prepare My Plumbing for Winter in Lakeway, TX? Repair Leaks, Insulate Water Pipes & More

Though Texas winters are not as freezing cold as other parts of the world, you still need to prepare the home for winter. Now is the time to do get your plumbing system prepared for winter.
The frigid weather could wreak havoc on your pipes and plumbing fixtures without proper seasonal maintenance. Take the following steps that we at Absolute P&M Services prepared to protect your plumbing for the brutal cold and prevent costly emergency repairs.

Plumbing Leaks Need to be Found and Repaired

Though it may not seem like such a big deal now, a small leak or slow drip can be a problem. The problem will grow much larger water freezes inside a pipe, and so will the cost of your plumbing repair. Contact a local plumber immediately if in the event you see any moisture behind the toilet, under the sink, in the tub or along a nearby wall.

Exposed Pipes Require Insulation

Causing extensive damage within your home are pipes that are exposed to the frosty winter winds, and they need protection, or they may freeze and burst. Wrap them with plumbing insulation coverings in order to protect exposed pipes. Put them in place and secure with duct tape simply cut the foam tubes to fit.

Protect the Outdoor Faucets

Remove and drain the attached garden hoses after shutting off the water to your outside faucets. Use foam covers to insulate the faucets and hose bibs for further plumbing protection, or in the event that your home doesn’t have a dedicated shut-off valve for outdoor fixtures.

Sprinkler System Should be Purged

You will need to prepare the pipes for winter if you have a lawn sprinkler system, otherwise, they may freeze and burst. Turn off the water flow and turn on the sprinkler valves to purge any water that remains in the plumbing to keep that from happening.

Assess Septic Tank Level

As you don’t want to experience an unpleasant backup during the winter, checking the level of waste in your septic tank now is highly recommended. Digging into the frozen ground to fix the plumbing problem will be much costlier than having the septic system serviced now.

Have Hot Water Heater Flushed

The worst time to have a hot water heater fail may be in the winter. To help ensure that the unit operates efficiently, flushing it out to remove gunk and mineral deposits are ideal. As properly flushing a water heater can be a challenge, a local plumber is best suited to perform this task.

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