Fun Air Conditioning Facts in Cypress, TX; History, Cooling Ice Power, Energy Usage & More

Living in Houston, Texas requires the use of a central air conditioner during the warm months. Locals know that the A/C unit removes the heat from the house and expels it outside, thus keeping the home cool, as well as manages the humidity in the air, but there some interesting facts that we at Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical would like to take the opportunity to deliver today.

History of Air Conditioning

Architecture gad to be designed to help cool before A/C use. Before air conditioning, people would build high ceilings, breezeways and other features to help cool the indoor space. Air conditioning was not initially invented for the current purpose. Originally to prevent the ink from sticking to the paper by reducing humidity during hot weather, the A/C was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Air conditioning in the Oval Office. The first house built with air conditioning. Charles Gates, the first person to have a home built in Minneapolis in 1913 that was fully air conditioned. Unfortunately, he met an untimely death on a hunting trip before the home was complete. With the system costing $30,000 to install, the Oval Office in the United States installed air conditioning in 1929 following the stock market crash and at the beginning of the Great Depression, where the first president to experience it was Herbert Hoover. In modern vehicles, air conditioning is a staple, but the first vehicle that was designed with air conditioning was made by Packard in the late 1930s.

Air Conditioning in Movie Theaters

Air conditioning help create ‘Summer Blockbusters’. Of the first to integrate A/C technology were movie theaters, where many would make summer films popular as they escaped into a cool building and watched a film. Catching on to the increased attendance in the summer, Hollywood aired the biggest features in the summer, establishing the still popular term ‘summer blockbuster’.

Cooling was Measured in Ice Power

Cooling was measured in ice power. Ice Power was the measurement used with output setting. This was how many blocks of ice would be needed to cool the area when the first air conditioners were being used.

Air Conditioning & Science

Air conditioning is a helpful aid in science. Without a consistently cool environment, some medications and procedures would not have been possible. With A/C, medical research and science in general has broadened.
Air conditioning is relied on heavily by people. When compared to before the invention of the A/C system, human tolerance for heat has significantly decreased according to scientific research.

US Air Conditioning Energy Usage

U.S AC energy alone is close to the overall power in Africa. The amount of energy to power air conditioners in the United States every year is the same amount of general power used for the entire country in Africa. Las Vegas location may have been different. Las Vegas would likely be in a northeastern part of America due to the high heat the city and surrounding states experience, especially in the summer months.

When Did Summer Vacation Originate?

School summer vacation. Without the invention of the A/C, was too hot for students to focus on learning, hence the summer vacation for the school year was implemented and the tradition stuck.

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We at Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical hope this was a fun look at interesting facts about air conditioning. When you need installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance services, be sure to call in our certified technicians for quality services.

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