Bad Central AC Blower Fan Motor Troubleshooting in Tomball, TX; Symptoms, Tests, Repairs & More

One of the hardest working components of an air conditioner unit is the blower. The blower is a fan used to bring the air through the cooling coils and into the home. Where the blower is responsible for circulating all the air throughout the home, often the blower is one of the first components that require the need to be replaced. From regular use and time, the blower often will begin to wear down. As it does, it will give some signs that it’s failing. Absolute P&M Services will help you troubleshoot a failing blower and how a professional HVAC service can help repair the blower.

AC Blower Fan Won’t Turn On

When the blower completely breaks or fails, often the air conditioner unit will suddenly shut off or wont start. This often happens when the inside temperatures heats up. When the air conditioner fails to start up it can be due to a number of problems. However, in many cases, it’s because of the blower. If you hear a humming or buzzing sound this is often due to an electrical problem. When the air conditioner simply never kicks on, it is because the blower is dead. When the blower breaks it can be replaced without the need of replacing the entire unit.

AC Blower Motor Overheating

The blower’s motor will often overheat, especially during the hot summer months. When the blower overheats the motor will stop running to help protect itself from becoming damaged due to the intense heat. When the air conditioner shuts off suddenly, go to the thermostat and turn off the unit completely. Allow the air conditioner to cool off for several hours to allow the motor to the blower to cool down. After switching the air conditioner back on, you may find the blower motor may have died if it doesn’t start up quickly. For further diagnoses, contact an HVAC service.

Malfunctioning AC Fan Belt

As the blower runs the fan’s belt can shift out of place, thin out, or break. Even though the motor is still in good condition the fan may not rotate without the belt. When the belt is not functioning you may hear the motor running but not feel any air coming from the vents. Replacing the belt is easy and can be quickly repaired. However, you will need an HVAC technician to help replace the belt.

Ice on Air Conditioner

When you have ice building up around the air conditioner it can be due to a number of problems. One culprit may be the blower. When ice builds up it is due to poor air circulation such as a restriction from dirty coils, or a dirty air filter. However, if the blow isn’t running properly there is less air flow which leads to the ice building up on the air conditioner. When you call a technician they will check the blower to assure it is running correctly.

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