Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Wells Branch, TX; Clogged Garbage Disposal & More

Many homeowners struggle with plumbing problems, frozen pipes, and other weather-related issues during winter and long for the warm summer months. Besides warmer temperatures, summer weather has challenges that can cause problems around the home, including plumbing issues. The experts at Absolute P&M Services have provided the following list of the most common summer plumbing issues and ways to avoid them so you can relax and make your summer stress-free.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Warm weather means lots of time outdoors, grilling, and cooking. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a summer staple, especially corn on the cob. Barbeque ribs and chicken are top-rated items on the 4th of July, but they can also wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. Be sure to dispose of your food correctly by understanding what can and cannot go down your disposal. Clogged disposals are one of the most common complaints during the summer due to the number of fruit pits, bones, and greasy items that can accidentally go down the drain. Sorting leftover foods appropriately can save you the grief of clogged disposal later on.

Slow Flowing Shower Drains

Summer is the best time of the year to spend time at the beach or lake, swimming, cooking, and boating. Sand, debris, and silt can get embedded in bathing suits, beach towels, and other items like toys and end up in your shower, eventually causing your drain to get stopped up. The experts at Absolute P&M Services recommend rinsing off outside, and shaking off towels, picnic blankets, and swimwear before placing them into the washing machine. Use a drain cover to prevent hair and other items from going down the drain.

Washing Machine Hose Blockage Issues

Time outside participating in fun activities equals lots of extra loads of laundry. Washing large loads of towels can lead to overflows and blockages, especially if you don’t take the time to shake them off before loading them into your machine. Wash smaller loads, and check hoses regularly for kinks and tears. Ensure your washer is correctly positioned with the recommended manufacturer clearance from the wall to prevent overheating.

Sprinkler Problems

Check your sprinkler system and hoses in the spring before you need to put them to use. Lawnmower blades can easily damage sprinkler heads; the same applies to lawnmower damage from running over your sprinkler. Broken tubing and other plastic or rubber items make tempting chew toys for your pets and can be dangerous when accidentally ingested.

Prep Plumbing if You Plan to Travel

If you plan on traveling this summer, the experts at Absolute P&M Services recommend preparing your home to avoid plumbing issues that could lead to water damage. Check major appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine for cracked or damaged hoses. Turn your water heater down to low, and if you plan on traveling for an extended period, turn off your water at the water main and consider draining your tank. Empty your dishwasher, and leave your dishwasher and washing machine open. Allowing for airflow will help you avoid coming home to unpleasant musty odors. Check indoor and outdoor taps are turned off and secure.

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