Common Central Air Conditioning Mistakes in Jersey Village, TX; Neglecting AC Maintenance & More

When it comes to operating and the care and maintenance of the air conditioner, there are many different avenues that keep the air conditioner working well, make it last, and avoid repairs. During this time of year, obviously, when the air conditioner is working its hardest, there are a lot of air conditioner inefficiency and avoidable air conditioning problems due to the effects of running so hard. Where some of the issues the air conditioner experienced are fairly normal and unavoidable, there are some things people are doing, or not doing, that are causing harm to their air conditioner unit, and we at Absolute P&M Services would like to share these common mistakes people make.

Using an Old, Outdated Thermostat

Though people do not realize it, using an old, inefficient thermostat will negatively impact your home in more ways than you may think. Updating to a basic programmable thermostat alone can help you save money, however, upgrading to a smart thermostat or a WI-FI capable thermostat will not only save you significantly on the power bill, but the comfort will really be noticeable. If you are unsure about the thermostat options, you are welcome to contact our professionals to help you increase energy savings, save on operating costs, and improve home comfort that conforms to your personal needs.

Neglecting Routine AC Tune Up Maintenance

At least once a year, the air conditioner should have a tune-up by certified professionals. Additional inspection and maintenance services only boost the overall health and function. We do know that people often forget the maintenance but setting up a scheduled appointment every early spring can help keep the unit operating more efficiently during the demand of the hot summer. The professional lubricates the dry parts, cleans the unit, and makes sure all of the moving parts are in optima; condition and working smoothly. It will also contribute to managing the operating cost and energy usage.

Accepting Poor Indoor Air Quality

Experiencing coughing, wheezing, and sneezing all year round, or feeling the air is too humid or dry indicates you have poor indoor air quality, and dismissing it affects the home’s ability and quality of cooling. As the foundation for your home’s cooling, it is vital to have excellent indoor air quality. There are many options that contribute to indoor air quality, from routine carpet cleaning to keeping the air ducts clean. Additionally, whole house duct sealing, duct repair, air sealing, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and insulation services will also be beneficial for your indoor air and the air conditioner.

Not Using a Ceiling Fan to Help Cool People in a Room

In accordance to your home’s cooling, ceiling fans are an ally. The cool air your air conditioner produces can be better circulated with the help of a ceiling fan that lessens the strain your unit has. Though ceiling fans do not reduce the temperatures in the room, the wind chill effect offers relief and improves the cool air distribution made by the A/C.

Emergency Central Air Conditioner Repair, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

No matter if you still need the maintenance services though we are firmly in summer or simply need repairs, your specialists at Absolute P&M Services is happy to oblige. Contact us today!

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