Common AC Problems in a New Construction Build House in Atascocita, TX; Incorrectly Installed & More

There is nothing more exciting than moving into your brand new home that you had built. The custom finishes that you have selected are finally all together where they go in your space. However, anyone that has built a brand new home can tell you that there are often issues that you run into during the first couple of years. This is why so many contractors give you a warranty for that first period of time in the home. One system that is not without issues is the HVAC system. There are often HVAC issues that people run into in a brand new house. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about some of the common problems that we see with new builds.

Incorrectly Installed HVAC Systems

Even if you have the best homebuilder on the job, you could still run into problems with your HVAC installation. This is due to the fact that many contractors will use HVAC subcontractors for the installation. This is an area where things can fall through the cracks. Installing a new HVAC system using subcontractors will often include unlicensed workers that are working under someone that is licensed. This can leave room for error. What doesn’t help the situation is that there are usually multiple inspectors that are coming to inspect the home. When there are different people every time, it can be a recipe for mistakes.

Common HVAC Problems in New Builds

There are several different issues that can arise when you have a new home and a new HVAC system that has been installed. Common installation related problems include:
– Plenum Box: The plenum is a box that distributes the cooled air throughout your ductwork. There shouldn’t be any rust here. When there is rust, it means there is a problem with humidity or a significant leak.
– Sheetrock: Another common problem is sheetrock covering the place where the registers are in the home. This can be problematic because the air distribution will be thrown off. It will also leave that space without any cool air and uncomfortable.
– Unlevel: It is vital that the unit located inside your home is level. If it isn’t, it can lead to draining and humidity issues.

Problem with Contractor Grade HVAC

Another problem that can be common in newly built homes is contractor grade materials. This means that the materials may not be as high quality as they could be. When it comes to the HVAC system, this could mean that your contractor grade unit isn’t as efficient as it could be. This may be fine, but you may also want to consider talking to your contractor about an upgrade before the HVAC is installed.

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