Air Conditioner Sounds Like a Jet Engine, Is Making Pulsating Noises & Other Loud Sounds in Jamaica Beach, TX

When it comes from your air conditioner, most people can hear the small hum of it operating, however, there are sounds you simply shouldn’t be hearing. If you detect abnormal AC sounds, you usually need the assistance of an expert to rectify the cause of the noise. Today, we at Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical would like to briefly share the noises that should raise alarm.

Why is My Air Conditioner Making Loud a Noise?

1) HVAC Banging Noise. It definitely should not bang since the air conditioner really should not be loud as it is. It is time for you to take a closer look at your air conditioner if you notice a banging noise. The compressor is typically the culprit if you hear the banging.
2) AC Making Buzzing Noise. An electric buzzing sound coming from your air conditioner is nothing that you should ignore. It is generally a symptom that your AC might be having a larger scale electrical problem. A professional can trace the issue to its origins and make the necessary repairs.
3) AC Clunk Noise. Clanking is a different sound than banging, though some people may use these descriptive words interchangeably. To help differentiate, the clanking word describes a sound that is a little tinnier. A part moving around in your system is often the cause of clanking noises.
4) AC Clicking Noise. A soft clicking noise right when it turns on is common with your air conditioning, however, a louder clicking sound signifies more. Your air conditioning functionality at its core is having trouble with an incessant clicking noise.
5) AC Gurgling Noise. Gurgling sounds are another noise that indicate there is serious trouble with your air conditioner and it should not be brushed off. An internal leak in your air conditioning system is likely producing the gurgling sounds. This is an issue that needs to be address as quickly as possible since this issue can escalate fast.
6) AC Making Hissing Noise. Hissing noises are usually indicative of a leak somewhere. Leaks can occur any time and throughout the system. If you hear a hissing noise from the cooling system, you need the help of an expert to pinpoint the origin and make the necessary repairs.
7) AC Making Humming Noise. As mentioned, air conditioners will hum slightly as they operate. In moderation, this noise is actually normal, however, persistent and loud humming is an indication that you either have loose parts or refrigerant problems.
8) AC Rattling Noise. Generally suggesting something is loose, a s rattling, similar to a banging noise. Typically, a screw or a fan blade though will make the rattling sounds and it is definitely something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
9) AC Squealing. High pressure built up in your system that’s trying to escape is usually what brings the squealing sounds on. If you let this go unaddressed, the squealing can escalate into a seriously dangerous problem.
10) AC Making a Whistling Noise. You might be dealing with a refrigerant leak in the event that your air conditioner is making a whistling sound.

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