Why Does My Furnace Smell like it’s Burning in Rosenberg, TX? Dirty Air Filter, Electrical Problems & More

The last thing that anyone wants to smell when the heat kicks on in their home is something that resembles something that is burning. Unfortunately, it is something that can happen quite often during the winter months. There are a few reasons that you could be experiencing this. Some issues aren’t a big deal, while others could be a serious issue that could be potentially dangerous. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about some of the problems that could cause a burning smell when the furnace is on.

Furnace Smells like Burning Dust

If you live in a warmer place like TX, you know that the furnace isn’t going to be working around the clock like it would somewhere that gets severe winter weather. This means that you may go long periods of time where the furnace isn’t needed to keep your home warm. When your furnace hasn’t been turned on for several months in a row, it can smell like burning dust when you turn it on for the first time. While some people don’t love this smell, it isn’t something that you need to be alarmed about.

Dirty Air Filter Smells Stinky?

The filter in your HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your furnace functioning efficiently. Your air filter needs to be replaced in a regular basis to ensure your furnace gets the amount of airflow needed to operate. If you start to smell something that is burning, it could be caused by the fact that your filter is dirty, and the furnace is overheating. This is an easy fix; all you have to do is replace the filter.

Heater Can Smell like Burned Plastic when Foreign Object is Stuck in Air Vents

The vents in your home lead back to the furnace. It is incredibly common for strange and foreign objects to fall into the vents. This can cause a burning smell as well. To find out what it could be, check all of the vents in your home to narrow down which one the smell is coming from. Make sure there aren’t any objects that could be blocking the vent or getting too hot.

Electrical Burning

One of the more serious problems that you could be facing when you have a burning smell in your home is a wiring issue. This can be a dangerous problem to have and should be looked at by a licensed professional. The first thing that you need to do when you smell something that is burning, is turn off your furnace. When your HVAC professional arrives, they can take a look to help you avoid any extensive damage or even an electrical fire.

Forced Air Furnace Maintenance, Repairs, Replacement & More in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston, Austin & Greater Houston, Texas

If you are noticing a burning smell whenever your furnace kicks on, you could be dealing with a serious problem. Usually, if it is the first time you’re turning on your heat for the season, you can expect the smell of dust burning. All other scenarios mean that there could potentially be a danger problem and the furnace should be turned off. You can turn to Absolute P&M Services to make sure your home is safe and repair any furnace problems you have. Call us today!

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