What Temperature is Good to Sleep Well at Night During Hot Summers in Buda, TX?

If you have ever tried to sleep in a house that is too hot or humid, you know how difficult it can be to get a decent night’s sleep. It can often leave homeowners wondering what the ideal indoor temperature should be to get the best sleep possible at night. It is important to make sure that you are sleeping in a home that is cool enough that you can fall into a deep sleep. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about the ideal temperature for sleeping so that you can get a good night’s sleep even in the summer months.

What is the Relationship Between Temperature & Sleep?

Some people might not realize that there is a close relationship between good sleep and the temperature of your home. The fact of the matter is that these two things are closely related to each other. In fact, if you are sleeping in a home that is too hot, you might find that you are not getting the rest that you need. When your body gets ready to go to sleep at night, it actually starts to cool down on its own. When your room is too hot, it takes your body much longer to get to that ideal sleeping temperature. You you will have a more difficult time getting that REM sleep that your body needs to function. Also, you might not realize this, but your immune system can also be negatively affected.

What Should the AC Be Set at in the Summer at Night?

When it comes to getting the sleep that your body needs in the summer months, you want to make sure that your AC is turned down low enough for you to get the sleep you need. While the Department of Energy suggests that you should have your temperature set to 82 degrees while sleeping and 78 during the day, you should remember that they are working to find what is most energy efficient, not what will help you get the rest that you need to function. The ideal sleeping temperature is different for adults and small children or infants.
– Adults: Studies have shown that the optimal sleeping temperature for adults to get the rest that they need at night is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is easily reached during the winter months but can be much more difficult in the summertime. Many adults choose to put their temperature around 70 degrees at night in the summer.
– Infants/Children: The optimal sleeping temperature for infants and children is slightly higher at 67 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, finding the right temperature for your small children at night is going to be a bit of trial and error. If you have an infant that is having a difficult time sleeping, it is common for the temperature to be the culprit.

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